Saturday morning@ 655 several brave souls came for a run, Ruck or boot camp. Had a moment of silence for Mr. Tillman who was to be buried.

Slummie helped with F3 mission, Kevin remembered the motto.  Runners ran, 1 of Pax rucked and we moseyed but SLOWLY. Lined up single file, front had to all stay together. Coupons were 30 lb ruck sake and almost 80 lb sand bag, THE REAL DEAL.

NEXT came SSH, 7’s, Hillbillies, LBC’s, imperial walkers and ended with sun Gods because it was cloudy.

Some walked to the gate at the park, some lunged and some carried heavy stuff. After the gate we bear crawled and switched out ruck and sand bag.

At the shelter half planks half did dips, then alternate. Then dirkins, and other 1/2 did Homer/Marge.

Back to flag which had arrived. No one wanted a tug of war so Mary started. Most runners and Snowflake came back by then.

Flutter kicks, windshield angles by Slummie, box cutters and ended with American Hammers.

Always a pleasure to lead. Pax- snitzel,mugsy,xerox (is this thing on regarding my recording) drizzle,amacus,j hawk,slummie,stretch,mcgiver,goo,FNG,ON TIME, DQ & SON, snow flak, kevin red line,bruce lee and candy crush.

Always a pleasure to lead. My daughter asked how long will i do F3, answer probably until the end in a modified manner.

Thank you