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QIC: Crawlspace

Stepped up to Q for Udders. Came in hot after a 2.0 practice drop off. Of course, I had audio difficulty. It’s to be expected at my Q’s. Tclaps to Matlock for the 10 counts.

The workout plan was simple. A full body beatdown to hit Fatigue.

Warmarama: Shoulder work and hip work. Maybe sometime I’ll remember what a Wojo squat is.

25 on, 5 second transition to next exercise. 4 sets, then 30 second recovery.

Chest and shoulders:
Chest Press
Bear plank and move weights forward and back
Renegade row w/ a Merkin.
Rinse and repeat 3X

Wide Press
Hammer Curls
Diamond Merkins
5 Curls & hold at 90

Rinse and repeat 3x

Sumo squat pulse with weight
Dead lift
Squat hops, unweighted
Peoples chair
Rinse and repeat 3x

Reverse Dead Bug
Alternating V-Ups
X n O’s
Mtn Climber

Rinse and repeat 2x

This was a hard workout. There was zero mumble chatter. FNG needed a break which was concerning after Cardinal’s passing. Several pax checked on him, apparently, it was an asthma issue.

Lead with love, live with grattitude!