Ten gloom gods from the far reaches of Natville descended upon the hallowed ground of the K&W basement to complete the following self-improvement activities.


  1. Clap-Backs
  2. Noland Ryan
  3. Wojo Squats

The Thang

Instructions: Complete the following super-set doing five single-count reps for each exercise. After completing the super-set, run to the first cone and return to the baseline. Repeat the aforementioned steps as you progress through the marked distances (suicide drill). Complete as many rounds as possible. 

  1. Goblet Squat
  2. Romanian Deadlift
  3. Bentover Row
  4. Standing Shoulder Press
  5. Split Squat with a Tricep Extension (Five reps for each side)
  6. Audible Called: Lunge Walk with a Dumbbell Rifle Carry to the furthest cone/marker and return to the baseline.

Big Mary

Jackhammer Ladder (5×5…20×20: Merkin/American Hammer)

Homer Marge

Single American Hammer


Fannie, Frosty, Don’t Cha Know, Stretch, Gecko, Shocker, Lynda, Hyleck, Bushwood & Slumlord-QIC