1-24-23. 5:45 PM, Leonard Recreation Center

6324 Ballinger Rd, Greensboro NC 27410.  Temp in low 50’s, nice and brisk.

Master Class on Qing by Windmill.  You can count on his work outs to have variety, and get the job done!

You know your going to put that work in with Windmill on the Q.  No nonsense, well thought out plan and plenty of work to keep the mumble chatter on the low side.

Pax: 90210, Expired, Mudflap, Damage Control, Mr Hand, Short Bus, Stryker, Wilbur, Snow White and Windmill on the Q.

Of course the proper intro was recited, while waiting for Stryker to disembark from his vehicle, we began the extended mosey around the A/O.

Finally, after about a half mile to warm up:


  1. Windmill – 15 IC
  2. Sun Gods – Chinooks – 4 x10
  3. Hillbilly – 15 IC
  4. String Ripper -15 IC
  5. Toy Soldier – 15 IC
  6. Mountain Climber 15 IC
  • 10 Pickle Pushers between each exercise

What, no Squat Billies????

Another Mosey to the:


Ladder with four exercises at 4 stations, run between each. Start with 20 reps, each next exercise one less, keep circling until 1 rep

  1. Merkin
  2. Dying Cockroach (IC)
  3. Dancing Bear (IC)
  4. Copperhead Squat
  • Pax was fighting to lead cadence, proof that F3 is working

Round 2, same routine, four different exercises, now start with 1 rep and each next station one more until 20 (but Omaha called at 12)

  1. Carolina DD
  2. WW 1 Sit up
  3. Shoulder Tap (IC)
  4. Wojo Squat

Mary: American Hammer – 20

Thanks for leading Windmill, all got better!