Quaker was in need of Qs for the upcoming months, so YHC jumped on board to deliver a proper beatdown to start the local gloom elite off right for a week of excellence.

The Thang was composed of four movements per super-set, with 10 reps per movement. The announced goal was 10 Sets, however, reality dictated 4 Sets would be the outcome, with plenty of audibles to spice it up.

  1. Seal Burpee (Burpee w/ 1 Mountain Climber-Single count)
  2. Squat with Alternating Reverse Lunges
  3. Body Builder (Burpee w/ a Plank Jack)
  4. Flutter Kicks (In Cadence)

Mary was a smooth mix of Elevated Leg Raises with plenty of pauses and pulses, Gas Pumpers, and a single In Cadence American Hammer for the finish.


The Pax shared about recent family losses and asked for prayer for each family.


Sani, Crash, Logan, Butterball, Jaz Z, Bulldog, Nails, _____, Bobby Knight, & Slumlord-QIC.