PAX for the Beatdown was:  Pity the Fool, Amicus, Blowout, Shocker, Bed Pan, Jitterbug -Q-.

Ruckers:  Butt Fumble, Scooby Doo, Gilligan, Patch, South Shore.

With the big celebration looming later this week, and having been subjected to the “12 days of Christmas” -ladder style workout- before, figured we’d give it a shot and add some running.

Went like this.

Warm O:  w 6th tenet of F3, ‘all workouts begin with Side Straddle Hops’.  :), then some, Windmills, then some lunge w a twist, and finally lucky 7’s!  Let’s mosey….

The Thang

Ran out onto Dellwood St, and hung a right, up to Corwallis, pause. On the First day of Christmas my true love gave to me,

1 Plank Jack, completed and ran to the corner of Cornwallis and Hamilton, pause, On the 2nd Day of Christmas…. gave to me,

2 Turk n Burps, 1 Plank Jack, mosey to corner of Hamilton and Sunset, pause …. On the 3rd day of Christmas ….gave to me,

3 Toy Soldiers, 2 Turn n Burps, and 1 Plank Jack on the pavement!  Mosey to corner of Sunset and Dellwood, pause for

4 Sun Gods, 3 Toy Soldiers, 2 Turk n Burps and a 1 Plank Jack on the sidewalk,…mosey back to Dellwood and Cornwallis for …

FIVE HAND RELEASE MERKINS!!!…4 Sun Gods, 3 Toy Soldiers, 2 Turk n Burps and 1 Plank Jack on the Sidewalk!!

This continued on, with the pausing at each of the 4 corners and doing….

6 Monkey Humpers, 7 Superman bananas, 8 Squats with Milking -in honor of Udders-, 9 Laddies dipping, 10 Lord’s a lunging,

11 Imperial Walkers, and 12 String Rippers -back at the flag-, each time with the decending excercises back down to 1 Plank Jack.

A good time was had by all and we finished just in time!  Amazing!

Mary was:  LBC’s, Cindy Crawford’s and American Hammers.

COT: Remember Dixon Smith “Gilligan” and family as he lost his mom this week.  Funeral was this past Friday.