AO: Wakanda

Date: 12-10-22

14 PAX: Wojo, Root, FloJo, Akron, Don’t Cha Know, Stretch, HBO, Scratch, Miyagi, Snookie, Shocker, Snakes on Plane, Short Squeeze, Sacked – QIC

With 1 minute called until the 7:00 a.m. launch cars were still rolling in hot. Not to worry with the Mission stated and welcome delivered we headed out via a mosey to the stadium. We circled up at South end of the field.


  • Phelps x 15ic
  • Imperial Walkers x 15ic
  • Don Quixote’s x 10ic
  • Sun Gods x 10ic each direction
  • Hillbillies x 15ic


For the Thang we used both Bleachers sides. PAX was instructed to spread out on the bottom level of the bleachers and perform:

  • 10 Merkins, 20 Squats, 30 LBC’s and then run to the top of the bleachers and back down.
  • Repeat 10 Times

One the first phase on the North Bleacher was completed we ran to the other side and started the second phase on the SW Bleachers. On this side we did:

  • 10 Ranger Merkins, 20 Lunges, 30 Heel Touches and then run to the top of the bleachers and back down
  • Repeat 10 times or as many as you could before time was called.

With time running tight YHC called an Omaha. Prior to the mosey back to the Shovel Flag the PAX saw Stretch, FloJo, and Snakes start picking up trash in the bleachers. First TClaps to these HIM’s. What were to do…..easy choice we all speed cleaned the SW Bleachers and then headed back to the Shovel Flag in time.


  • American Hammer x 10ic


  • F3GSO Christmas Party: Dec 16 @6:30 p.m. Brightwood Farm Clubhouse, Whitsett, NC
  • Root – as we are in a season of need by many Evangel Fellowship Church is closing in on its goal to serve 200,000 meals to here in Greensboro. TClaps! Talk about making a difference in our community
  • Snookie – prayers requested for 2 of his nieces children. Hadley with a Neurological issue and Isabel with Leukemia.
  • Akron -prayers requested for his neighbors the Butlers. Mrs. Butler and new baby both fighting Covid
  • Snookie – Serves with Meals on Wheels in Archdale and the need is real and wide spread. Reminded us to lend a helpful hand when we can.


A lot of good material from this mornings beatdown and can’t capture it all, but here’s a few:

  • Great group of 14 men this morning. Lot of existing strong connections with others growing.
  • Missed AO Q City Slicker in the gloom, but sending great wishes for his trip this weekend.
  • If you were a Cup and you were filled with Coffee and someone bumped you what would spill out……..Coffee of course. You had to be there 🙂
  • TClaps to Stretch and FloJo with Snakes for setting the right example by cleaning up the bleachers before we headed back to the Shovel Flag. Proud to be associated with these HIM’s.
  • TClaps to the entire PAX for jumping in and helping to clean up the bleachers. A small gesture to us, but means something.
  • TClaps Akron and FloJo for completing the full 10 cycles on both bleachers. Not easy. Strong work.
  • Appreciate Shocker letting Snookie talk to him the entire workout 🙂 Right Don’t Cha Know?
  • Great seeing Scratch and Miyagi out on the track this morning and with us for the COT.
  • Grateful for the morning and the men who shared the gloom with me. Great start to the day


Honored as always. Sacked