11-28-22 Mild weather 50 degrees to start.  Leonard Recreation Center, 5 45 pm, 6324 Ballinger Rd, 27410

Great location and time, perfect fo after work.

Pax: Rabbit, Wind Mill, Damage Control, Expired, Mr Hand, Viagra, and FNG Kendrich Daniels aka Rhonda.

Short Bus on the Q, who is gracious to provide the bevs for 2nd F.

Full disclaimer for the FNG and mosey to the bridge for a short 2 part warm-a-rama. Mosey to the school for 2nd part of warm- a -rama.

Hat tip to Mr Hand by Short Bus, partner up for the thang 1-

2 man grinder, 100 merkins, 200 lbc’s. 300 squats, 50 yard run w 3 burpee’s.

Simple and effective.

Thang 2- Blimps with 50 yard runs and 3 burpees partner style. Running out of time mosey back to flag for short Mary: 3 low slow flutters, 3 hammers.

Kendrich, aka Rhonda-

Welcome to F3!

Thanks for leading SB! Simple but effective.