PAX:  Ruckers:  Snookie, Phoenix, STP, Gunny.  Runners: Gilligan, Drizzle, Ramses, Schnitzel, Scooby Doo.  Beat Down: Ozone, Big Poppy, Sugar Cake, Amelia, Tetnus, Hallpass, Jitterbug (Q). 16

Started it off with a slow mosey going counter clockwise around the big parking lot, stopping about 100 yds down on the E side, to do a Warm O version of the Thang, with 3 burpees.

We continued to the mid parking lot, still on the E side for 5 lunges/leg.  Mosey on….to the bottom, near the old Sweat Angel site, and did 5 Imperial Walkers, IC., mosey on….

Cleared the corner, and stopped on the uphill W side for some Merkins, 5 hand release.  Mosey on to the area where the old school bus used be …at the hydrant to do.  5 plank jacks IC….mosey on to the flag where we did 5 squats.  Mentioned using the “Beat your Boots” method to maximize the squat.  Now that we’re warmed up….Round 2 and the Thang.

Run to B station:  10 burpees OYO.  Run to L station:  10 lunges ea leg.  Run to I station.  10 Imperial Walkers IC.  Run to M station, Big Poppy led us in 10 hand release merkins, Rund to next station, another Pax led us in 10 Plank Jacks IC.  Run to final station:  10 squats.  Repeat.  Each station a different Pax member led us.  We got in 4 laps, last lap we dropped the number of reps to 3 or 5.

2.5 miles run

Aprox. 470 cals burned.  Aye!  Nice effort men.

We wrapped it up with some LBC’s and American Hammers.

Announcements:  Bubba Fett next Sat at Jaycee/Country Park at 7 AM, CSAUP event, led my the SlumMaster.

COT:  Gilligan asked for prayers for his mom Mary.  She celebrated a birthday last week!

Gunny arrived w the ruckers just in time to take us out with an awesome prayer.  God be praised!