• Tuesday November 22, 2022
  • 0530-0615
  • Grace United Methodist Church Parking Lot 438 West Friendly Ave.
    • 36º04’27”N 79º47’42”W
  • 31° F, 73% RH


Pax (17 with the Q)

Bird’s Nest (Respect!), Bruce Lee, City Slicker (Respect!), Detention, Houlihan, Cavity, Short Squeeze, Nancy, Thurmanator (Respect!), Graffiti (Respect!), Stella, Belsnickel, Sandpiper, Snakes on a Plane, Hazmat (Respect!), Ozone



Upon arrival I was greeted by several warriors of the gloom getting after it with some extra credit. #studz!

At 0530 the pax were welcomed, the Mission of F3 was stated and the disclaimer was disclaimed. No FNG’s today – all salty vets.

The Warm-A-Rama

We began our rolling WAR by moseying to the parking lot caddy-corner from the ballpark.

SSH x 20 IC

Sun Gods X 15 IC

Chinooks x 15 IC

Imperial Walkers x 15 IC

String Rippers x 15 IC

We continued our mosey back around to the front of the church then called an audible to relocate across the street to avoid waking the folks sleeping on the porch at the church.


Today’s beatdown used the F3 Workout Card Deck.

Each card in the deck has an exercise. The card number determines the reps. For numbered cards we added 10 to the number on the card. Royals were 25 reps and aces were 100. Any heart card drawn was a mosey around the church – to keep our cardio pumping.

At about 0609 we called Omaha and headed back to the flag for an abbreviated Mary.


Low Slow Flutter x 15 IC

American Hammer x 20 IC



  • Planksgiving on Thursday 11/24 at Natty’s Hump AO. 0700
  • F3/FiA Black Friday Convergence on Friday 11/25 at Wakanda. 0700
  • Bloomers’ VQ on Wednesday at Local Honey. Come out and support this HIM!
  • Bodett is starting a QSource study. Tuesday at 0630 at Panera on Lawndale. The site and day of the week may change. Hit him up for details – or to get plugged in.
  • Wednesday 11/23 at 0630 Xerox is leading a discussion at Panera on Lawndale. The topic will be “What not to do when you are experiencing a heart attack” or something similar.


YHC closed us out.

The Moleskin

 Nancy – thanks for reminding me to tell the pax to Recover upon completion of a WAR exercise!

Sandpiper – appreciate the opportunity to Q. Thanks for your leadership of this AO.

Belsnickel – don’t forget those gloves next time brother!

Stella – loved the face mask / hat! Way to adapt and overcome!


Appreciate all who came out to join me this morning! It was an honor.

Radiator – out.