Date: 11/12/22

Weather: 60 degrees and wet, but not raining

PAX: Sir Isaac, On Time, Stretch, Houlihan, Sacked (War Daddy), Flamingo, Underdog (War Baby), Settlement, Muggsy, Wojo (QIC)

For me, it doesn’t get any better than getting to Q the #Mothership in Natville. Not only is it, in YHC’s humble opinion, the best AO in terms of variety of terrain, size, and history, it’s also home! And as I am off the IR and back at it at nearly 100%, I wanted to follow Tommy Boy’s and Stretch’s last two solid Qs with one of my own. So in thinking about the harder workouts I’ve done in during my 8 years of F3, I settled on bringing some Iron Pax Challenge flavor to the PAX. The workout had to be hard, but I didn’t want anyone to get hurt!

As a solid group of veteran PAX assembled for today’s effort, I welcomed everyone and stated the F3 Mission and disclaimer. I made sure everyone had gloves and told them to expect to be challenged. And with that done, we were off.

Mosey from the shovel flag to the church parking lot, and circle up.


  • Side Saddle Hop X 10 IC
  • Imperial Walker X 10 IC
  • Sun Gods X 10 (forward) IC
  • Chinooks X 10 IC
  • Sun Gods X 10 (backward) IC
  • Windmills X 10 IC (Abe Vigoda style)
  • String Rippers X 10 IC (made sure PAX came up on 4)
  • Mountain Climbers X 10 IC
  • Lucky 7 (Merkins, Werkins, Diamond Merkins)

It was fun to both dispense and hear a little #mumblechatter during WAR. When a PAX member quipped that it seemed like a THANG full of Warm-O-Rama exercises, I couldn’t help but reply that they were about to wish that were the case!

We moseyed from the church parking lot to the rec center parking area near the baseball field and stopped at YHC’s and Houlihan’s vehicles for coupon pick up. Luckily, Underdog brought his own coupon with him. The other PAX chose between Drago Balls, large cinder blocks or dual-lipped cinderblocks (the most popular choice). Mosey from the vehicles with coupon out to center field where a shovel flag and a circle of workout stations awaited.

THANG: Wheel of Misfortune

PAX were given a quick tour of the stations and explanation/demonstration of the exercises at each. Six stations were arranged 50 feet each from the shovel flag.

The Wheel begins with a 400m (ish) run around the baseball field. Run from center field directly to home plate (where a cone was placed) and then around the warning track of the entire field. When you get back to Homeplate, run directly back to the shovel flag in center field

    • 10 Squat Thrusters, then rifle carry coupon to station 1
  • Station 1 – Derkins (feet on coupon, 25 reps), rifle carry coupon back to shovel flag
    • 10 Squat Thrusters, then rifle carry coupon to station 2
  • Station 2 – Blockees (burpee with coupon press, 25 reps), rifle carry coupon to flag
    • 10 Squat Thrusters, then rifle carry coupon to station 3
  • Station 3 – Weighted Squat (coupon held on back, 25 reps), rifle carry coupon to flag
    • 10 Squat Thrusters, then rifle carry coupon to station 4
  • Station 4 – Coupon Swings (all the way under your legs to eye level, 25 reps), rifle carry coupon to flag
    • 10 Squat Thrusters, then rifle carry coupon to station 5
  • Station 5 – Vertical Press (bench press, 25 reps), rifle carry coupon to flag
    • 10 Squat Thrusters, then rifle carry coupon to station 6
  • Station 6 – Alpos (cross handed lateral raise, 25 reps), rifle carry coupon to flag
    • 10 Squat Thrusters

Repeat circuit, beginning with the 400m lap, until time called

Once OMAHA was called, PAX assembled around shovel flag for a couple of 10 counts, then we moseyed with our coupons back to the vehicles, then continued around the rec center and back to the shovel flag.


  • Body Destroyers (20 count – thank you, Flamingo)
  • American Hammers X 1o IC


Moleskin and Announcements

  • Today was H.A.R.D. It was hard in 2020 during the IPC, and just as hard today. But that is why we show up, right? We don’t get better unless we are accelerating, unless we are doing hard things. We can’t be better leaders if we are not pushing ourselves.
  • It was great to see Sacked show up in his waterproof “trousers”, mortally afraid of me calling a tunnel of love in the mud or finding a puddle for superman-bananas (like Stretch found for us last week). And does anyone under 55 actually use the term trousers anymore?!? Ha! Ha!
  • But speaking of Sacked, he really pushed it this morning. He and Houlihan locked in early as battle buddies and pushed each other through the suck! Same for Flamingo and me (although I felt more like Flamingo was carrying me!). I saw some of that with everyone.
  • I have go hand it Underdog, both for doing the work and pushing his dad. Underdog took Settlement’s emergency travel/incident bag (probably 8-10 lbs) and carryed that thing throughout the workout. Not bad for 10 year old!
  • A complete wheel is 220 reps. All of us got at into the second circuit and, through the Blockee stage and into or through (at least) the Weighted Squat stage. That means at least 300 reps were completed with a coupon. We also got in over 1.7 miles of running!
  • Thanks to all of you guys for doing a second round of Name-O-Rama to encourage Longneck, who is at Duke due to a health concern. You got this Longneck! Prayers for Cornhole and their entire family during this tough time.
  • Coffeeteria after the workout at Brueggers!
  • I forgot to mention next Saturday is the 2023 Turkey Bowl at Cougar Town A.O. All men and 2.0s are welcome.
  • Keep an eye out for Xerox’ Planksgiving workout and a Black Friday convergence with FIA. #Cobains for not remembering all of this yesterday. #Tired!

I took us out in Ball of Man fashion! Always an honor to be with you men. Aye!

– Wojo