Date: 11/10/22

Weather: 53 degrees and a little drizzly during set up

PAX: Radiator, Viagra, Socrates, STP, Eggplant, Shocker, Burgundy, Yeti, Sugarcake, Wojo (QIC), Bailey (Viagra’s doggo)

So can you get a good F3 workout WITHOUT running? ABSOLUTELY! If you have ever posted to Sweat Angel, then you know that already. Having been on the limited IR list for a few weeks, I knew that. So was fired up to Q today, and my goal was to bring something new to the PAX at this AO…something different than the normal dumbbell circuit, Tabata, etc.

The only concern I had coming in to the workout was would there be enough brave PAX to show up this morning to make the THANG work. We were one guy short from the minimum number (9) needed today as I welcomed the PAX, stated the mission and the disclaimer, but luckily two more PAX rolled in at 5:32 to alleviate that concern. Let’s GO!!


  • Side Saddle Hop X 10 (IC)
  • Imperial Walkers X 10 (IC)
  • Sungods X 10 (IC) – forward & reverse
  • Lucky 7s (merkin, werkin, diamond merkin)
  • Windmills X 10 (IC) Abe Vigoda style


  • Station 1 – Squat Thrusters | Block Swings (38 lb cinder block)
  • Station 2 – Slam Ball | Exploders (20 lb Slam Balls)
  • Station 3 – Tire Flip (Matlock’s HUGE tire)
  • Station 4 – Box Jumps | Derkins (Matlock’s 20″ box)
  • Station 5 – Bicep Curl | Skull Crushers (38 lb cinder block & 20 lb dumbbell)
  • Station 6 – Farmer’s Carry (Lowe’s 5 gallon bucket w/ Drago Ball in each) | 40 lb Log Carry
  • Station 7 – American Hammers (w/ Drago Ball) | Low Slow Flutters (w/ Drago Ball held overhead)
  • Station 8 – Blockees (burpees with 28ish lb cinder block)
  • Station 9 – The Conveyor – Bear Crawl to Station 1

Rotate to the next station when the Conveyor arrives at Station 1. Movement between stations is PAX choice – crab walk, lunge walk, high knees, etc. but no walking. During second rotation, do second listed exercise. Repeato until time is called!

We made it through 4 complete rotations, so we all got all we wanted.


  • Freddie Mercury X 10 (IC)
  • Over Under X 10 (IC) – hold it
  • Low Dollies X 10 (IC)
  • Homer & Marge X 5 (ish)
  • American Hammers X 10 (IC)


Moleskin & Announcements

  • Great work today by everyone. The variety of the different coupons and exercises made for a fun circuit, but the work was real! Don’t be afraid to be creative – it’s fun to design & Q and it is fun for the PAX!
  • Good seeing Burgundy getting back out. We have missed you, brother. Thanks for joining coffeeteria as well!
  • Sugarcake, a Hobble & Gobble regular – thanks for checking Sweat Angel out today. And solid work!
  • It is always a great day when Yeti is with you in the gloom!
  • TClaps to Radiator, Matlock and Houlihan for lending me all the great equipment for today’s workout. Thanks also to Eggplant, STP & Shocker for helping me with Matlock’s monster tire before and after the workout! That thing is a BEAST!
  • Coffeeteria after the workout at Green Joe’s.

Always an honor & privilege to Q. Thanks Radiator!