• Tuesday November 1, 2022
  • 0530-0615
  • Friendly Shopping Center Parking Garage – Level P1
    • 36°05’19.4″N 79°49’59.3″W
  • 56° F, 100% RH

Pax (20 with the Q)

Shocker (Respect!), City Slicker (Respect!), Ramses, CJ, Tommy Boy, Mater, Snooki (Respect!), Wojo (Respect!), ShortTrack (Respect!), Drifter, STP (Respect!), Phoenix (Respect!), Etch-a-Sketch (Respect!), Detention, Stretch (Respect!), 50cc (Respect!), Gekko, Poehler, Double Check (Respect!)



 No FNG’s present.

F3 Mission was stated.

Disclaimer was disclaimed followed by encouragement to give maximum effort. You will get out of this workout, what you put in to it.

The Rolling Warm-A-Rama as we headed to the Sears parking lot:


Abe Vigoda


Sun Gods

Slow mosey up the hill

The THANG (Extortion 17 Hero WOD)

Today’s beatdown was inspired by a recent GrowRuck experience. It is a modified version of the workout we performed just after daylight, at the Navy SEAL Memorial in Virginia Beach. It is named Extortion 17 after the call sign of a US military Chinook helicopter that was shot down in Afghanistan on August 6, 2011. 30 American servicemen, one US military working dog, 7 Afghan National Army soldiers and one Afghan civilian interpreter were killed in the crash, making this the single greatest loss of life to Naval Special Warfare since the beginning of the Afghan War. 15 of those killed were members of Seal Team Six’s Gold Squadron.

We divided into two-man teams. T1 began AMRAP of three exercises while T2 grabbed a coupon and moved as quickly as possible out to a designated turnaround point and back. Upon T2’s return they flip-flop.

The exercises were (inspired by the date of the crash 8/6/11):

8 Cinderblock Thrusters

6 Burpees

11 Lateral Jumps


The pax were encouraged to grab a different coupon each trip, as we had several to sample.

40# & 60# sandbags

10#, 20# & 30# ruck plates




5-gallon Jerry can (full of water)

Two buckets with smaller sandbags inside

A pumpkin


The workout is supposed to last 38 minutes to honor the 38 lives lost but we cut it to 30 due to time constraints. After 20 minutes of work, a quick show of hands made it clear this group of HIM was willing to shorten Mary to push through to the 30-minute mark. Aye!

For motivation, I queued up an Iron Maiden playlist on my Bluetooth speaker. Nothing like a little metal to get you motivated! To finish up the last few minutes I asked Siri to play Motley Crue’s “Kickstart My Heart”! Always gets the blood pumping.

At 6:10ish we called OMAHA, loaded the truck, did a quick Mary and headed back to the shovel flag.

Mary (abbreviated due to time constraints)

  • American Hammer x 1 IC


Bones is helping with a food drive for Manna House. They’re hoping to provide Thanksgiving meals for 50 families, 25 from Washington Montessori and 25 from Smith High. Talk to Bones or YHC for details. Deadline Nov 14.

Gear portal is open until Thursday 11/3. Get those orders in! See Wojo with questions.

Heavy ruck Friday night, 7pm, Laurel Bluff trailhead. See YHC or Phoenix with questions.



Remember those pax on the IR. There were some unspoken requests as well, I’m sure.


The Moleskin

Strong work by everyone this morning!

Mater, it was good to see you! Welcome back to the gloom.


Radiator – out!