Shake Weight


Tues. 5:30 AM   cold and clear

PAX in attendance: 50CC, Stretch, Fannie, Tommy Boy, Lynda, Matlock, Bloomer, Shocker, Philly Special, Oil Slick, Don’t Cha Know, Phoenix, STP, Radiator, Detention, Gekko, Frosty, Guiding Light (Q)

YHC answered a last minute bat signal from Gekko after it was learned that Fletch, who was scheduled to Q, had up and moved to the beach. So I put together a little beatdown and he’s how it went:

Corralled everyone down into the subterranean world of Shakeweight and started promptly. No FNG in the crowd, just salty vets, we wasted little time with the pleasantries and dove right into it.


10X string rippers IC

10X abe vagodas IC nice and deep. Oh course there had to be at least one snickering “that’s what she said” from the peanut gallery.

15X Imperial walkers IC

After YHC announced the next exercise, prefacing it with “our next exercise  is the ol’…” someone (probably Tommy Boy) piped up “oohhh! the ol’…..!?” in a teasing tone. Well, from then on the PAX picked up on every time i said “Ol” and it became a running joke and the eventual theme of the workout.

10X sun gods IC

10X reverse sun gods IC

closed out with the ol’ hug thyself

PAX collected their weights and went on a short walk around the parking garage. Walking hands by the side at first, followed by curls with the weights, and then weighted lunges. We continued down the back stretch doing overhead presses and more lunges until we arrived at the spot for the main portion of the workout. Right on queue, Stretch’s Mustang was blocking the area where the quite obvious cone had been placed to mark the area. With a handy lil curb conveniently located nearby, we did 10 weighted high steps each leg, 20 curb dips, and then 20 Cossack curb dips (Russian style leg kickouts) with increasing tempo. From that point, we ditched the weights and went into the main thing.


Standard three man grinder. We broke up into 6 groups. One cone with exercises was down in the parking garage, the other was two decks up at the K&W parking lot outside. Third man runs in between to relieve guys doing the exercises. Hard run up, easy run down. The list in the parking deck included:

Alt shoulder taps

Freddie Mercuries

LT. Dans


Peter Parkers

The list at K&W was:

pickle pushers


jump squats

monkey humpers


We had just enough time to finish one rotation of all exercises before calling Omaha.


We wrapped up back at the main lit area in the parking garage. Everyone get on their six.


15X E2K each leg

10X Cindy Crawford IC each side

20X American Hammers w/ periodic ‘freeze’ stops

We did a hard stop at 6:15 and gathered for CoT.

Matlock took us out with a short prayer.

Thank you all for showing up and having a good ol’ time together. Thanks to Gekko for organizing new Qs each week. Until next time ya’ll. GL out. Aye!