Sweat Angel


The pax was reminded of our mission: Plant grow and serve small workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.

Disclaimer:  TO advise pax to be responsible and limit suggested activities as needed to personal health and safety.  Advised them on their risks of exercise and all understood and accepted!

The pax was instructed on some of the special exercises for today “Dizzy bears” and  Elephant Merkins



10 Elephants

30 squats into 30 second al-gore

15 side-straddle hops in cadence (IC)


The pax was briefed on the 3 stations and split into groups at each station.  1st station was for 5 “dizzy bears” bear crawl position and rotate 360 degrees with 3 merkins upon completing each revolution.  Station one would then “push” the other stations which are AMRAP.  Then bear crawl to station two for Low Slow Flutters with weights in hand.  Bear crawl to station 3 for LT. Dans with weight.  Bear crawl back to station one.  Rinse and repeat for 2 full cycles of the three stations.

Bone then threw a curve ball and called the pax to flip over the station markers.  The new order was Station 1 Elephant Merkins, in a pushup position walk arms forward, backward, then do a merkin, 15 reps.  Bear crawl to station two Low dolley with weights.  Bear crawl to station three side lunges with weights and bear crawl back to station 1.  This was done for two full rotations.

OMAHA called!

Merry started, bones led in 20 LBCs, Wojo led in  12 over unders.

Circle of Trust was initiated!

Bones mentioned two upcoming opportunities for community engagement thru donations,

Wojo’s daughter 18th birthday!  Radiator’s youngest daughter is doing better!  We hold up and lift up our fellow pax with prayed for Confusion, Drifter, Amphibious.


Wojo R, Radiator R, Shocker R, Bones (YHC)

Bones led the pax in 60 seconds of silence.