Thursday October 13 the birthday of the US Navy. We got together on an overcast morning and this is how it went:WarmaRama

1)sun Gods 2) 7’s 3) mountain climbers 4) windmills 5) hillbillies

Goblet squats 3 sets of 15

Bent over rows same

Single leg dead lift same

Hammer curls

Skull crushers

Dumbbell cleans

Ground presses

Then a bit of Ab work, flutter kicks, heel touches, Freddy Mercurys, box cutters, low dollys, and American hammers.

Thank you for letter me Q. Always an honor. Announcements, convergence Saturday at Smith high. After planting trees at Grimsley.

Radiator, snow flake,socrates,shocker,big papi and of course the quiet, shy and soft spoken Snooki.