Date:  October 13, 2022

AO:  Inkwell

QiC:  Boy Wonder

PAX:  Flo Jo, Boy Wonder


Warm-A-Rama:  Mosey around campus (.25 mi), SSH (15 IC), Low, Slow Abe Vigoda (10 IC), Toy Soldiers (10 IC), Imperial Walkers (10 IC)


The Thang:  Two Station Grinder. 1 Pax runs to Station 1 and does the first exercise, while all other Pax do first exercise AMRAP at Station 2 until relieved. Flip flop and move to second exercise. No rest in between. Rinse and repeat.

Station 1:  20lb dumbbells, all 10 IC

Bent Over Row, Chest Fly, Overhead Tricepts, Curl-to- Overhead Press, Goblet Squats

Station 2: AMRAP until relieved

Mountain Climbers, LBCs, Crab Cakes, Squats, Low Slow Flutters, Merkins, Butterfly Sit Ups


6MOM: Body Destroyers, Low Dollys, High Dollys, Alternating V Ups, E2Ks, American Hammer or lower back friendly modify