October 8, 2022 and Snook on the Q. Sacked assist in putting the Pax on the Twitter ! I will never ever Tweet.

Ok here’s how it went this morning: to the church parking lot.

SSH 10; 7’s, my bad on Not being Windmills, thanks Wojo; next windmills, stretch the lower body; 2 burpees, onto the baseball field.

1st base sledge into tire that FLATTED BEFORE the F3 golf tournament, 2nd base sit ups, 3rd base Squats, home plate plank, Algore, or table top.

Onto the patio:

1/2 step ups; dips, balls to wall and wall sit.

Mary Homer/Marge, LBC’s, flutter kicks, and American hammers.

COT- PRAYERS And thinking about all involved in GoRuck in Hampton VA. Don’t you know gave his opinion of the EXPERIENCE. ANNOUNCEMENTS, SIR ISSAC IS NOW ISSAC NEWTON Dept head of science at HPU, DON’T YOU KNOW had a great across the pond experience, Hazmat loved his trip to Utah.


Thank you Mugsy for reminder on Q, Sacked contributed. Those who posted Wojo, Sir Isaac,Mugsy,Stretch rucked, Hazmat, one guy left early my bad GETTING older forget his F3 name, Don’t you know and of course Me Snooki.  Always a pleasure to Q. Thank you SYITG