• Tuesday, Oct.4, 2022
  • 0530-0615
  • 36.09733° N, 79.81335° W
  • 43 °F, 81% humidity


Viagra (RESPECT!), Fanny Pack, She/He (RESPECT!) Gilligan, Butt Fumble, Wojo (RESPECT!), Scooby Doo (RESPECT!), Chinese Downhill (RESPECT!), Tommy Boy


Tommy Boy

Been a minute since YHC had shown the fat face @ Fenceline. GREAT to be back and in the mix. After calling the Pax to attention and welcoming She/He from F3 Raleigh, we bid adieu to the #MallWalkers/#StormTroopers and then stomped the gas to leave he reservation. A short mosey later and we arrived at the Barber Shop for:

Circle of Pain

  • SSH x 20
  • Copperhead Squats x 20 IC
  • Sun Gods x 10 IC
  • Chinooks x 10 IC
  • Moroccan Nightclub x 10 IC
  • Sun Gods (unwind) x 10 IC
  • Hellavator x 5, 10, 15

Unloaded the #coupons from Ol’ Blue and got right into:

The Thang



  • A menagerie of coupons to work with: 80, 60, and 40 pound sandbags, 20 & 25 pound kettlebells.
  • Pick your poison and complete the assigned #funishment 
  • Pace out 100M of distance for an Out & Back (dash + 5 Burpees + dash back) and then get after it:
    • 50 Walking Lunges (slick)
    • 40 Butterfly Sit-ups (slick)
    • 30 Kettlebell Clean & Jerk
    • 20 x 40/60lb. Sandbag Thrusters
    • 10 x 80lb. Sandbag Cleans

Once completed, the Pax returned to the shovel flag for:


  • Captain Therkin (#CrowdPleaser)



  • IMPACT! – Next Tuesday, October 11th at 12PM we will gather at Washington Elementary to present some of the funds F3 Greensboro raised over the last 3 years to the team at Beyond Sports, NC to support their mission to provide sports equipment, opportunities to play, and resources to Title 1 Schools in Guilford County, NC.  We want a convergence-sized crowd in F3 Gear and Shovel Flags galore!
  • Prayers & Positive Vibes for one of our own (anonymous) as he cares for his family while his M begins a battle with cancer.
  • F3 Greensboro’s Eight Year Anniversary!!! – Saturday, October 15 @ 0700 – Ink Well AO (Smith High School)… gonna be AWESOME!


  • Agassi – #kotters to you! Glad you’re healing, strong and BACK!
  • Poehler, Bloomer, Drysdale – YHC is grateful to have been partnered with you studs. Good to push, work, and struggle alongside you #HIM
  • Graffiti – enjoyed the mosey convo, brother. Thanks for being #TheStandard my friend.
  • Sand Piper – you sir, are a #SunshineBazooka. Your positivity this morning was much appreciated!
  • Akron & Don’t Cha Know – I can always spot a GTE Man in the Gloom; way to own the bags today.
  • Simone & Bobby Knight – if nothing else, Qing today and getting to brief catch up, was worth it. LYMI


You had to be there… we answered the question, “What if…?”

Grace & Peace,