Local Honey

  • Wednesday, Oct.5, 2022
  • 0530-0615
  • 36.07524, -79.79242
  • 45 °F, 81% humidity


Bobby Knight, Don’t Cha Know (RESPECT), Sand Piper, Bloomer, Akron, Simone, Graffiti (RESPECT!), Drysdale (RESPECT!), Poehler, Agassi, Tommy Boy


Tommy Boy

Been a minute since YHC had Q’d at Local Honey. Decided to bring some “friends” to the mix. After calling the Pax to attention, was reminded that there is a ceremonial 2-minute buffer before we begin to begin. #constituency

With the mission and disclaimer dispensed, we were off to the courthouse for:

Circle of Pain

  • Copperhead Squats x 20 IC
  • Mountain Climbers x 20 IC
  • Peter Parkers x 20 IC
  • Parker Peters x 20 IC
  • Merkins x 15
  • Hug Thyself x OYO
  • SSH x 20 IC

Properly lubed up, the pax ventured north on Bellemeade to the base of the Spiral where Ol’ Blue was waiting with a #plethora of coupons (read: sandbags). Pax partnered up, grabbed all the sandbags, and arranged them at the base of the deck for:

The Thang

“GRAB & GO” 

Depending what you “grab” here’s how the base of the spiral will “go”:

  • 80lb. = 10 Lt. Dans + 2 Flights
  • 60lb. = 5 Burpees + 4 Flights
  • 40lb. = 0 Burpees + 6 Flights

80lb. Sandbag

    • 10 Bench Presses ea.
    • SSH x AMRAP while waiting
    • Return to start w/ bag
    • Plank or Wall-Sit for the 6

60lb. Sandbag

    • 10 Thrusters ea.
    • Flutters x AMRAP while waiting
    • Return to start w/ bag
    • Plank or Wall-Sit for the 6

40lb. Sandbag

    • 10 Overhead Tosses ea.
    • Alternate b/t toss
    • Partner does a Burpee
    • Return to start w/ bag
    • Plank or Wall-Sit for the 6

Each team worked with each sandbag; three rounds total.

Once completed, the Pax returned to the shovel fall for


  • The Hellavator x 5, 10, 15, 20
  • American Hammers x 20 IC



Mind the grass sports fields in the cooler months. We can easily destroy and create more WORK for those that care for the grounds on which we use. Please be mindful when planning your next Beatdown. We need to leave it better than we found it.

IMPACT! – Next Tuesday, October 11th at 12PM we will gather at Washington Elementary to present some of the funds F3 Greensboro raised over the last 3 years to the team at Beyond Sports, NC to support their mission to provide sports equipment, opportunities to play, and resources to Title 1 Schools in Guilford County, NC.  We want a convergence-sized crowd in F3 Gear and Shovel Flags galore!

Prayers & Positive Vibes for one of our own (anonymous) as he cares for his family while his M begins a battle with cancer.


  • Agassi – #kotters to you! Glad you’re healing, strong and BACK!
  • Poehler, Bloomer, Drysdale – YHC is grateful to have been partnered with you studs. Good to push, work, and struggle alongside you #HIM
  • Graffiti – enjoyed the mosey convo, brother. Thanks for being #TheStandard my friend.
  • Sand Piper – you sir, are a #SunshineBazooka. Your positivity this morning was much appreciated!
  • Akron & Don’t Cha Know – I can always spot a GTE Man in the Gloom; way to own the bags today.
  • Simone & Bobby Knight – if nothing else, Qing today and getting to brief catch up, was worth it. LYMI


You had to be there… we answered the question, “What if…?”

Grace & Peace,