9-28-22. Perfect weather. Leonard Recreation Center, 6324 Ballinger Rd, 27410.  5:45 PM. Tuesdays.

Check us out, great way to end the day, home in time for supper. Superb 2F where the PAX is relaxed.

Windmill has been a consistent Q at Natville for some time. YHC appreciates having strong Male leadership helping out with the site. We have great Q’s at the PLATE, TCLAPS to all who serve and will be serving.

Leonard Recreation Center is a great site, greenways, space, parking, and fields aplenty so you do not have to run on pavement!

We even had a Schnitzel sighting, so who knows, we may see YOU??

Pax: Schnitzel, Apollo, Mudflap, Mr Hand, Damage Control, Slider,  Snow White, Expired, Stryker, Spider, and Windmill on the Q.

The Plate celebrates 2nd year anniversary Nov 1, 2022!  Its perfect for all ages and abilities, bring that FNG!

Warmorama – mosey around rec center and on to Greenway

  1. Windmill 15
  2. Monkey Humper 15
  3. Hillbilly 15
  4. Sun God 2 x15
  5. String Ripper 15
  6. Mountain Climber 15

Thang 1: Run Greenway to Old Oak Ridge Road; 3 stops on outbound – 20 Merkins each; 3 stops on return – 20 Shoulder Taps (IC) each

Thang 2: 2-Men Grinder

  1. Crunchy Frog
  2. Plank Jack
  3. WW1 Situp
  4. Pickle Pusher
  5. Dying CR
  6. Dancing Bear

Partner: run around rec center – 10 Wojo Squats halfway – relieve partner


Lo Dolly 15

Elbow to knee 2 x10

Lo-slo Flutter 10

Am Hammer 15

Mr Hand is on deck for next week, another solid Q!  Thanks for leading Windmill!