Date: 9/24/2022

AO: Wakanda 

Started @ 7:00 AM, welcome the Pax, stated the mission, and the disclaimer then got down to business!

Warm-a-Rama: @ shovel flag, Sun God’s (frontward/backward) x10, mosey around the traffic circle in front of the school then mosey to the courtyard, STOPPED, Side Lunges (6x each side), String Rippers x10, Hung thyself x10 OYO, mosey around the circular courtyard, and STOPPED in front of the stadium entrance. Modified Side Straddle Hops (jump, bend, touch toes) x12 IC, Side Straddle Hops x15 IC. Mosey into the stadium toward the home bleachers.

Thang #1: Q explained there are 8 stations, 2 stations per 4 sets of stairs on the bleachers. PAX had their choice of starting station. PAX was instructed to do the designated exercise, jog up and down the bleacher, then go to the next station. Complete all the stations for an end to round 1; wait for the Q after the completion of round 1.

Station #1: Merkins x10 – up/down the stairs – go 2 station #2. Station #2: Squats x15- up/down the stairs – go 2 station #3. Station #3: LBC’s – up/down the stairs – go 2 station #4. Station #4: Alternate Shoulder Taps x10- up/down the stairs – go 2 station #5. Station #5: Copperhead Squats x15 – up/down the stairs – go 2 station #6. Station #6: Box Cutters x20 – up/down the stairs – go 2 station #7. Station #7: Plank Jack w/Merkin x10 – up/down the stairs – go 2 station #8. Station #8: Monkey Humpers x15 – up/down the stairs – WAIT for the Q in plank position or pick up the 6.

Q observed the PAX was gasping and gave the option to “MOVE ON or STAY for a ROUND 2!” PAX requested a move on! Q had the PAX mosey to the high jump area of the track.

Thang #2: Q had a pre-written board with a Diamond = LBC’s x2, Heart = Lunges (both legs), Spade = Ranger Merkins, Clubs = Burpees. Q had a deck of regular playing cards in front of the PAX for each member to pull a card, say the suit and number to lead the designated exercise according to the pre-written board. Q indicated Jokers = 1 lap. PAX pulled cards for 15 – 20 minutes; each PAX member picked twice. Ending round #2 @ the last PAX member, the Q picked three cards and had the PAX member pick which card ends the workout portion of thang #2; a Joker was pulled and picked.  After the lap Q called “OMAHA!”

6MOM: Heels-2-Heaven x12, Q picked 2 PAX members for favorite Mary exercise, Low Slow Dollies x10, American Hammers x12.

Name-O-Rama: Mr. Miyaki (Triple RESPECT) – splinter, Scratch (Double RESPECT) – splinter, I Am Legend (RESPECT) – splinter, Luke Cage, Snakes-On-A-Plane, Fancy Pants, Carnage, City Slicker (RESPECT), HBO, John Cockstotan, Square, and FloJo on the QIC  

COT: Announcements/Prayer led by FloJo.

We kept it moving, did the W-O-R-K, & we’re better for it! I appreciate the opportunity to lead. 

God Bless,

FloJo #salute