Uptown Funk

  • Friday September 16, 2022
  • 0530 – 0615
  • 61º F – glorious


Graffiti – RESPECT, Lynda – RESPECT, Silicone – RESPECT, Lee, Double Check – RESPECT, Saban, Detention, Ricardo, Simone, Sand Piper, Hakuna Matata, Bloomer, Norwood, Whitewater, City Slicker – RESPECT, Gunny, Houlihan, Bruce Lee – QiC

We began our morning with an affirmation of the one singular mission of F3:

The Mission of F3 is to plant, grow, and serve small workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership

YHC shared the appropriate disclaimers and with no FNGs present we through LeBauer Park and over to the plaza by the Wells Fargo building for:

The Warm-A-Rama

  • Side Straddle Hops (almost felt weird forming those words…so used to The Motivator!)
  • Sun Gods x 15 IC, Chinooks x 15 IC, Chinooks (reverse) x 15 IC Sun Gods (reverse) x 15 IC, Cherry Pickers x 15 IC
  • Abe Vigoda (long count) x 10 IC,
  • String Rippers x 10 IC
  • Runners Stretch
  • Merkins x 20 on my down

With that we were warmed up for:

The Thang

Pax counted off and formed into four teams. We then moseyed across the street to the Spiral where buckets with coupons (40ish#) were awaiting us. Each team would send one team member up one level where he would deposit the bucket, run back down and relieve the rest of his team that were AMRAPing the exercise prescribed on the Weinke. 7 levels of fun, so everyone would have multiple opportunities to carry, relieve, and AMRAP. Exercises at each level were:

Level 1: T-Bar Merkins

Level 2: LBCs

Level 3: Monkey Humpers

Level 4: Werkins

Level 5: Xs & Os

Level 6: Star Jumps

Level 7: Wojo Squats

Once at the top the teams performed 50 Wojo Squats and then:

Intermission Thang

While at the top, one team member began farmer carrying their buckets around the perimeter of the deck while the rest of the team began running around the perimeter. Once the team caught back up to the farmer carrying Pax, they switch carriers and the running continued. This continued until each team member had the ‘opportunity’ to farmer carry, and we made our way back to the Spiral entrance and resumed:


The Thang

You know the adage: what goes up, must come down. We resumed the thang with the same rotation of one pax moving the buckets to the next level down and then running back to relieve their AMRAPPING team. Once at the bottom, teams AMRAPPED T-Bar Merkins, and then once all the Pax arrived we all enjoyed 10 IC together.


With that accomplished we moseyed back to the shovel flag for:



I got us started off with

Box Cutters x 20 IC, then passed it off to Houlihan for ‘pick your poison’

Homer Marge, who passed it off to White Water, for

LBCs, who passed it off to Saban, for

Cindy Crawford both side, and then we closed out with

American Hammer x 20 IC




Concerns, prayers, and praises shared by all and shouldered by all

Announcements –

Coffeteria afterwards and 33 & Elm

Special Blend Coffeteria Convergence – October 1 – thanks to Houlihan for coordinating

Moleskin – the whole Pax deserves a shout out for their work, their camaraderie, and the fun/competitive spirit that they brought to the work out this AM. The way in which each person positively impacted the experience was overwhelming…and that became the topic of the COT – don’t ever under-estimate your influence in making a situation better. Each Pax contributed to making this morning challenging and worthwhile. We are all better for the influence EVERY MAN made on our time together – AYE!

Special shout out to Lee joining us from the Mothership in @Metro. Glad to have you for the workout and coffeteria. Thanks for your positive influence!

YHC took us out with prayers for the Pax and those request shared by name.