Sweat Angel

Sept. 15, 2022

59 degrees   cool and humid

PAX: Wojo, ShortTrack, Radiator, Blowout, Bird’s Nest, Bodett, Eggplant, Crash, Dial Up, Shocker, Guiding Light (Q)

Filling in for Nomex on the IR, YHC put together a long course for the PAX which incorporated the Jaycee Park parking lot, Lewis Center wall area, and the parking lot from the nearby church.


Abe Vagodas 10IC

String rippers 10IC

Imperial walkers 10IC followed by their close cousin the Toy soldier 10IC

Arm stretches across chest (both sides)

Overhead arm stretches (both sides)


Carrying their weights in various ways, the PAX walked up the long stretch of parking lot to the first cone which had one exercise listed: LBCs. The group was to do 20 single count LBCs and continue to the next cone further up the way. Form looked a big sloppy and so we did a second set, this time with more INTENTIONALITY. After this, we had no more issues with lack of intentionality.

Gathering of weights once again, we walked to the next cone — MERKINS. We did 20 single count.

We collected our weights a third time and walked to the cone marked: WWI situps and did 20 single count with intentionality.

This was the last cone before walking with weights to the Lewis Center wall. We deposited our weights in a pile near the wall and each grabbed a piece of short wall for Cossack Dips. These dips are done by alternating a leg to put in front as you dip down. We did 20 IC. Then we took to the picnic tables for 20 derkins (10 on the seat, 10 on the table top). PAX rotated over to the wall and did a wall sit while we sent all of the weights across our laps one by one. Then we sent the weights the other way, this time under our legs. Wojo found the perfect spot, right under a dripping AC unit. From we gathered our weights and headed out to the church parking lot, but not before doing 1o weighted step ups each leg on the short wall.

At the church parking lot, we paired up. One guy was across the parking lot doing doing pickle pushers while his partner lunges to his side and then returns. Then they switch. in the 2nd round, one partner does monkey humpers while his partner bearcrawls to him and back. Switch again.

After this short set in the parking lot, we headed back towards the shovel flags, making sure to do all the exercises we had performed on the way there: Cossack Dips on the short wall, WWI situps at the first cone, Merkins at the next, and ending with LBCs. With very little time left, we were able to get in 20 IC American hammers to round out our beatdown.

We had announcements, prayer requests, did name-arama, and had a short COT word of encouragement from YHC on intentionality and being grateful for each day, each ability, each relationship while we still have them. Coffee was planned for Green Joes post workout.

Enjoyed having the chance to Q and invigorate these fine men. Hopefully all got better. Post dolorem gloria.


Guiding Light