Lunatic Fringe


The pax was reminded of our mission: Plant grow and serve small workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.

Disclaimer:  TO advise pax to be responsible and limit suggested activities as needed to personal health and safety.  Advised them on their risks of exercise and all understood and accepted!

The pax was instructed of the theme for todays beatdown, Iron sharpens Iron.



15 Side-staddle hops In Cadence (IC)

10 string rippers IC

Pax was instructed to partner up for the workout and quickly did so for the entire workout.

The pax did FOX & HOUNDs around the track two times.  Partner 1 ran slow, Partner did 5 merkins, then ran quick to catch partner 1 who then did 5 merkins, rinse and repeated for two full laps around the track, plank for the 6.


The pax was briefed on the 4 stations of the workout.  Stations were at the “4 corners” of the track where it began to curve.  The pax ran counterclockwise around the track stopping at each station and completing exercise 1 and moving onto the next station.  Upon reaching the stations the second time doing exercise 2, and so on for lap 3.

Station 1 (30 of each rep)

  1. Special Archer-Merkin (Spider-Man merkin, merkin, opposing spider-man merkin)
  2. Werkin
  3. Mike Tyson

Station 2 (30 of each rep)

  1. Dying Cockroach IC
  2. Cindy Crawford (each side)
  3. Viaducts (each side)

Station 3 (30 of each rep)

  1. Lunges 30 each leg (walking)
  2. Jump Squats
  3. Sumo Squats

Station 4 (30 of each rep)

  1. LBC
  2. Gas Pumps
  3. Swimmers



People’s merry was executed with 1 American hammer!

Circle of Trust was initiated!

Prayers for fellow friends of the pax to be the best husband than can and support their Ms.

NAME-O-RAMA (12 w/ Q)

Good hands, Timber, Sparky, JellyBean, Brodie, CJ, Wojo*,Van Gogh, Blowout, DQ, Kenny Rodger, Bones (YHC)

Van Gogh lead us in a moment of prayer.