AO: Starmount Stampede

PAX: Valentine, Gilligan, Hermes, Man Eater (clown car?), Wilma, Nancy, Snakes on a Plane, Cornhole, Bruce Lee, Hazmat, Quickdraw, Scooby Doo, Graffiti, WKRP (Kotters), Coach K, Lynda, Flight Attendant (we counted 19, but I must have missed one..)

QIC: Tesla



Imperial Walkers, Hillbillies and some String Rippers warmed us up…

And gave Bruce Lee time to pull up


The Thang

The PAX left the basketball court all the way to Forestdale.  Pick up the 6 (a recurring theme).

The PAX ran up the ‘dale to Madison, pick up the 6.

10 count…and then a short mosey to Kirby & Beverly


PAX broke out into Sugar Rays and Men who woke up early to Run.  We evened it off half and half.

They each picked a partner from the opposite group for a flapjack run.


Fast group runs around the circle to the right.

The slower group runs the opposite way around the circle to the left.

When partners meet in the middle-ish, they hit hands and turn around 180 degrees, going back the way they came.

Meet back at Kirby and Beverly.  Whoever gets there first goes and picks up their 6.

10 count


Run down to Madison and Avondale.

Execute similar flapjack down both E and W Avondale.

10 count

Rinse, repeat.

10 count


The PAX have made it over 3 miles…time to head back to the flag.

Run down Avondale to West Market.  Pick the 6.

Run down to back side of Lindley Park.  Pick the 6.


PAX were asked to look inside to see how much gas they had left in the tank.

7 minutes left.

Run to the flag, turn around and come back as far as reasonable to ensure returning to the flag by 614 sharp

All PAX arrived.

10 American Hammers.



1. Convergence in Oakridge on Labor Day at 7am

2. Sign up now for Miles for Matthew to guarantee a shirt



No takers so YHC took us out:

–  F3 has helped me connect with other men and hone my relationship building skills at dawn.  Thank you brothers.

– When things are hard at work, or with kids, or with spouse or with mental/emotional state:


Relationship is the antidote to what ails you.