• Monday August 22, 2022
  • 0530-0615
  • Latham Park
  • 68° F, 99% RH

Pax (13 with the Q including 4 splinter runners and 9 boot campers)

Sandpiper, Huggies, Purl 2, City Slicker (Respect!), Bird’s Nest, Shocker (Respect!), Belschnikel, Everest (Respect!)

 Splinter runners:

Hermey, Maneater, Gilligan, Scooby Doo (Respect!)



 No FNG’s present.  A warm welcome was extended to all the pax.

Mission was stated aloud.

Disclaimer was disclaimed followed by an exhortation to give maximum effort. When you think you need to quit, see if you can give a little more.

As the splinters departed, the boot campers participated in the Warm-A-Rama:

SSH x 20 IC

Chinooks x 15 IC

Mosey to opposite end of parking lot.

Sun Gods x 15 IC

Sun Gods Reverse x 15 IC

Abe Vigoda x 15 IC (Slow count)


Someone had conveniently stacked a bunch of old tires at opposite ends of the parking lot. What better way to utilize this unexpected bounty than to do some exercises with them! Here’s how it went:

We counted off in groups of three for a 3-Man Grinder.

#1 started at Station 1 following the list of exercises on the Wienke. We were treated to some classic rock as we worked. The plan is to do exercise #1 on the Wienke until relieved then run to the next station. Next time you’re at Station 1, do exercise #2 – and so on.

#2 & 3 began by running to Station 2.  #2 stops and begins doing the first exercise listed on the Wienke. #3 then continues around the parking lot to relieve #1. #1 then runs to Station 2 to relieve his teammate.

Sprint from Station 1 to 2, regular mosey from Station 2 back to 1.

Station 1

  1. Merkins on tire
  2. Jump over tire front and back
  3. Lateral jump over tire – side to side
  4. Lunges with a twist – with tire
  5. Plank jacks on tire
  6. WW2 sit ups with tire
  7. Wide Merkins spanning two tires
  8. Hold tire overhead
  9. Overhead press with tire
  10. High knees – hold tire in front

Station 2

  1. Squats with tire
  2. Dips on tires – stacked
  3. Tire curls
  4. Triceps extensions with tire
  5. Decline merkins – feet on tire
  6. Toe taps on tire – rapid fire
  7. Push / slide tire while it is flat on the ground
  8. Tire flip
  9. Stationary squat holding tire overhead
  10. Side straddle hops, legs only – holding tire in front or overhead

We got through about #7 on the list then headed back to the shovel flag for:

6 Minutes of Mary

  • Low Slow Flutters (with arms straight out forming a T) x 20 IC
  • Ballerina (similar to LSF but arms in front of you forming a circle. Point your toes and flutter your legs) x 15 IC
  • American Hammer x 15 IC


  • Remember parents and kids of all ages as they head back to school this season.
  • Purl 2’s 2.0 is starting Kindergarten today. Mom and Dad may get a little emotional. Their child is lucky to have such caring parents.
  • 2023 Team Tuna Fishing Trip will be May 20, 2023. See Radiator to get details and to sign up.


YHC took us out, preceded by a reminder that the 3rd F is Faith – but that does not mean you have to have any particular religious affiliation to be a member. We welcome all men!

 The Moleskin

  • Huggies, thanks for the opportunity to lead this morning. Thanks as well for your work as Site Q.
  • Good to see you this morning Purl 2! Glad to have you back in the gloom. Best of luck to the 2.0 and the proud parents on the first day of Kindergarten.
  • Belschnickel, you’re a beast! Love your energy. War Baby!
  • Everest, long time no see! Thanks for the help loading the tires. War Daddy!
  • Sandpiper, looking forward to your leadership as Site Q at Arise. I’ll definitely sign up to Q.
  • Bird’s Nest, my feelings are still hurt that you would refer to my NC State bucket as a receptacle for a code brown. Dude, really?? Go Pack!

It was an honor to lead. Radiator – out!