Friday, August 8, 2022
AO:  Lunatic Fringe, the disputed territory at times claimed by both Natville and Northern Alliance.
Jitterbug, Ricola, Stickshift, Phoenix, Black Swan, Senor Frog (former FNG), Muggsy, Amicus, Smaug, Butt Fumble, Fannie, DQ, Timber, Jayhawk, Haz Mat, Mich Ultra, Jitterbug, and Blow Out (YHC)
We had 18 PAX tolerate the VQ of YHC.  Some intentionally attended Lunatic Fringe; others wandered in from Broga.  Three of the 18 splintered into other exercisey things.  75 degrees F, 85% humidity.
A sociable bunch was herded into a circle at 5:31 AM EDT.  Friendly introductions and ominous warnings were said.
  1. 20 Side Shuttle Hops.
  2. 12 String Rippers with a Clap.
  3. 15 Imperial Squat Walkers.  This exercise was stolen from JR at last Saturday’s convergence.  It’s not plagiarism if you cite your sources.
The Thang
The Thing is a loop around the lovely track at Greensboro Day School.  We moseyed into position, and instructions about form were given.
  1. North End.  10 Burpees.  Request was made to touch the ground, no step-ups, get off the ground, and get hands above head.
  2. West Sideline.  First time is 20 Squats.  Second time is 10 Stair Climbs on the bleachers.  YHC wasn’t planning on this many PAX, so the stairs were congested.  Squat advice was feet wide, feet flat, look at the treetops, and get low.
  3. South End.  10 Burpees.
  4. East Sideline.  First time is 20 Walking Lunges.  Second time is 20 Bulgarian Split Squats.  Lunge advice was to get back knee down, but not let front knee go past the toes.
Omaha was called at 6:05 AM EDT.


The final thing was Alphabet Game Plank, with the topic being Fruits and Vegetables.  First PAX calls out a fruit or vegetable that begins with an A like Apple, second PAX does Banana, then Cantelope, until Zucchini.  This was intended to be 30-60 seconds, and the first of three rounds.  However, the PAX either struggle with their alphabet or are less than knowledgeable about healthy foods, so this one round took 3 minutes.  One American Hammer was performed perfectly by everyone in attendence, because form was emphasized over reps or speed today.
There was a Name-O-Rama.  An FNG was named Senor Frog.  Announcements included the blood drive, the upcoming golf tournament, Stinky Cheese’s recovery, and the luncheon on Stinky Cheese’s lawn.  Coffeeteria at Cattywampus.
Thank you for opportunity to take the helm today,
Blow Out