Date: 8/01/2022

AO: Latham Grinder

At 5:30 AM, I welcomed everyone, proclaimed the F3 Mission, made mention of the Splinters cutting out, and began with a short mosey/Warm-o-Rama on the way to the Thang!

Warm-a-Rama:  As we were on our way to the Cathedral Church off of N. Elm/back of Murrow Blvd. we stopped and warmed up: four times – 1st stop(a quarter of the way): Sun-Gods x10, 2nd stop (halfway): Hillbillies x10, 3rd stop (a 3rd of the way): String-rippers x10, and 4th stop in front of the Cathedral Church: Side straddle hops x20.

The Thang: The Q explained there are 4 stations that begin with a bear crawl after the 1st station.

Station #1: Squats x25 -BEAR CRAWL- Station #2: Squats x25 & T-bone Merkins x15 – BEAR CRAWL- Station #3: Squats x25, T-bone Merkins x15, Jump Squats x25 – BEAR CRAWL – Station #4: Squats x25, T-bone Merkins x15, Jump Squats x25, Merkins x30 and for a bonus option complete the top of all the stairs with a BURPEE. Then off to the right back down to Station #1. RINSE & REPEAT until the OMAHA!

6MOM: LBCs x20, Heels-2-Heaven x20, Low Slow Flutters x20, Crunchy Frogs x15, American Hammers x10.

Name-O-Rama: Amphibious, Scooby-Doo (Splinter), Norwood (Splinter), Dr. Phil, Hermie (Splinter), Golden Corral (Splinter), Huggies, Akron, Snakes-On-A-Plane, Explosion, Maneater(Splinter), Drizzle(Splinter), Nancy (Splinter), and FloJo on the QIC  

COT: Announcements – Lift Stinky Cheese up in prayer from accident/Akron on Q @ Arise/ training for Cannonball Run/Words of Encouragement led by FloJo.

We did the hard thing 1st, put in W-O-R-K, & we’re ready to conquer the day! I appreciate the opportunity to lead. 

God Bless,

FloJo #salute #SYITG