AO: Uptown Funk

PAX: 14 salty vets including Stella, White Water, Bruce Lee, Silicone, Snakes on a Plane, Graffiti, Buttfumble, Houlihan, Poehler, Hazmat, Ozone, Sand Piper, Saban

QIC: Tesla


Stay in place and wait for the site Q arrives.

Imperial Walkers


Sun Gods forward and back

Mountain Climbers


Oh good, the Site Q has graced us with his presence, Saban is here.  PAX immediately move forward…


Mosey to the park



Station 1 – The Wall

YHC choose a scenic spot as pointed out by P-O-E-H-L-E-R.  Walls of all sizes, plus a glorious water fountain to memorize the PAX as they went through the exercises together in 3 sets of:

Dips – 20

Step ups – 12 each leg OYO

Dherkins – 15 on down

Wall Sits – 60 seconds of PAX counting felt like 90…

Rinse and repeat 3x total


Mosey to Station 2 – The Lawn

Two luxurious stations of pain on the Lebauer Lawn

You do all the exercises OYO or as a team, then in between, you run back and forth based on the Q instructions.

We counted off into two teams.  Team 2 stuck together.  Team 1 was full of alphas trying to beat the other PAX to the end.  Team 2, YHC’s group, was lapped by Graffiti and perhaps a Bruce Lee…

Here’s how it went:


Station 2a – by the restaurants

LBCs – 15 IC

Shoulder Taps – 15 IC

Copperhead (Mario) Squats – 15 IC

Side Lunges – 15

Basketball side shuffle halfway across lawn, run the rest of the way to pavillion


Station 2b – under the pavillion

Monkey Humpers – 15 IC

Ranger Merkins – 15

Freddy Mercuries – 15 IC

Sumo  Squats – 15

Bear crawl back to 2a halfway, run the rest of the way back

(YHC was reminded on multiple trips that the lawn is longer than it looks when bear crawling…)


Omaha after 2 1/2 rounds…Mosey to Flag


Exercises led by the PAX including crowd favorites:

Crunchy frogs by Ozone

Spelling Greensboro with your legs, led by Sand Piper

American Hammers




Prayers were requested for individuals and several PAX that were not there. Stinky Cheese, we are lifting you up.  Same to Akron and his mother.  We are with you.

Houlihan shared a tough story about a family friend who lost the mental battle.

Excellent words from Poehler about coming alongside people you  work with as a peer or as a leader.  Let’s make it a safe place to talk–and also a place people know they are valued.

YHC was encouraged by the PAX as always.

Thanks for the opportunity to lead!