7-26-22. Leonard Recreation Center.  6324 Ballinger Rd, 27410.  High humidity, storms rolling through.  5:45 pm.

“No puss* footi*n” around.  Windmill has the Q- that means there is a plan and the plan is to work hard.

Pax: Expired, Damage Control, Big Data, Mr Hand, Rabbit, Short Bus, Redline and windmill on the Q.

Precisely at 5:45 pm disclaimers were read and we were off for a little mosey around Leonard to the bottom field for the:


  1. 10 Mtn Climber
  2. Windmill 15 – 10 Mtn Climber
  3. Sun God – Chinook 4 x 10 – 10 Mtn Climber

We were getting gassed, Windmill looked at the Pax and called out “Hillbillies.” I think we brought him back to his current living reality.

  1. Hillbilly 15 – 10 Mtn Climber
  2. Monkey Humper 15 – 10 Mtn Climber
  3. String Ripper 15

It’s 90 plus degrees, and it is humid off the chart, so what little mumble was happening was quickly put out.  Wind Mullen does not like chatter!

We get through this, Pax was on alert for the next thing, Rabbit was looking for and suggesting to go straight through to name a rama, Redline started counting off,,,,

Not happening.

Then something happened if you were paying attention, Windmill gives his next commands out in PERFECT LOCAL SOUTHERN REDNECK FASHION-

“DAT TREE DARe’ is the inflection he used to direct our site to a tree about 75 yards away.  I know he has lived in multiple countries and can speak multiple languages, why was YHC surprised that he used the local slang?

Thang 1: Run back & forth tree to tree – 6 stops

20 Merkins (3X); 20 Wojo Squats (3X)

These exercises got the Pax’s attention.  No stops, no 10 counts, no rests. 90 degrees high humidity.  *This is where I add “anyone can work out at 72 degrees in the morning, all you have to do is get up.  Takes a hard core man to work all day, get out in 90 degree plus, and work out in the heat.”

Another mosey, we arrive at the back of Leonard where cones are set up for:

It was some form of DUTCH SUICIDE:

Thang 2: 5-10-20 Reps at 3 Cones (20 yards apart), run back + touch baseline after each

  • WW1 Situp
  • Shoulder Tap (IC)
  • Dying Cockroach (IC)
  • Plank Jack
  • Crunchy Frogs (IC)
  • Pickle Pusher (IC)
  • Never thought we could do the whole sheet. Windmill pushed us, we got through it!

60 second plank circle, then off to the flag for:


Lo Dolly 15

Heel Touch 15

Lo-slo Flutter 15

Am Hammer 20

COT, all got better.  Fine 2F a the site.  Thanks for leading!