Let me start off by saying thanks to everyone who jumped to Poptart’s aid during her traumatic experience.  You guys are awesome!


19 x ssh IC

16 x mountain climbers IC

10 each x sun gods both ways IC

Run two laps around the circle at the entrance of the track.

PAX then counted off into threes and moved inside the track area to the triangle staircase

The thang:

group one: starts at the top doing 10 merkins then goes down the stairs

group two is at the bottom of the fist set of stairs and does 20 squats then moves to the bottom of the second set of stairs

group three does 30 lbc or 15 IC then goes up the stairs to station one

*when all have completed two laps the merkins were doubled

*On the fourth cycle the squats were doubled

When we got done we Omaha to the grassy hill next to the stairs to start a ladder workout.

1 merkin at the bottom and 10 burpees at the top.

when most pax were done or smoked enough we took a 20 count Intentional Thinker switching legs at 10.

At this point the pax had lots of energy left so we went to the bleachers.

Back into the 3 groups: a small portion of F3 plain cards we given to each team.

2 people go up the stairs while 2 people did the random card picked. When the whole group completed that card they randomly selected another…………..

then BOOM Wu-tang killa bees out of nowhere! Swarming all over poor Poptart! Stung 3 times I heard the PAX yelling “Protect ya Neck”!

We left and I can only remember the people who didn’t show.  Thanks for those who reached out to check on her.  We are still trying to figure out how to sue F3 for eeeemmmotional Daamage!