• Thursday July 21, 2022
  • 0530-0615
  • Smith High School
  • 76° F, 95% RH

Pax (6 with the Q)

Flo Jo, Ossipee (Respect!), City Slicker (Respect!), Ricardo, Poehler




No FNG’s present.

Mission was stated aloud

Disclaimer was mentioned “on the run”


WAR (all exercises in cadence x 15)

Mosey around parking lot as we waited for Flo Jo to come in hot


Sun Gods (forward and reverse)

Imperial Walkers

Abe Vigoda

String Rippers (with a clap)



3 Man Grinder

Runner carries cinder block each time.  Mix it up:  Overhead carries, curls, triceps extensions, suitcase carry – switch arms.

Station 1

  1. Merkins
  2. Burpees
  3. Plank Jacks
  4. Carolina Dry Docks
  5. WW2 sit ups
  6. Wide Merkins
  7. Crab cake
  8. Alternating Shoulder Taps

Station 2

  1. Squats
  2. Monkey humpers
  3. Side straddle hops
  4. Mountain climber
  5. High knees
  6. Squatted overhead claps
  7. Pickle pusher
  8. Jump Squats

Mary (all x 15 in cadence unless noted otherwise)

  • 1 Minute Plank – PAX count to 60 around the circle
  • Boxcutter x 15
  • Ballerina x 15 IC (on your back, arms out in front in a circle like a ballerina + low slow flutters)
  • American Hammer


  • Blood Drive coming up soon at Brightstar on Prescott St. Watch Shenanigans for updates. Need donors!
  • City Slicker: Wakanda Saturday am at Dudley High, 7am. 3 for 1 on the Q.
  • Ricardo has the Q at Uptown Funk Friday 7/22.


YHC took us out.

 The Moleskin

  • Good to see you this morning Ricardo. Glad you are back out in the gloom!
  • Ossipee, glad you were there this morning brother! Thanks for pushing me.

Radiator – out!