This morning 🌅 we got together for some mubble chatter and exercise. This is how it went:

Mosey to intersection. Count 1/2 and warm mar ma. Side straddle hops, 7’s, copper head squats and then lunges to next intersection. There partner planks and then moseyed to partner sit ups. Onto partner merkins and onto the school wall for wall sits and balls to the wall.

Onto Mary and everyone got a chance to pick and perform an exercise. One FNG (NOW PONG) And camp trip, golf tournament and slummies event with blocks, bear crawls and sounds gruesome!!!

Thanks for the opportunity to lead. Ball a man and Slummie took us out with prayer.

Nails,Bodette,Slum Lord, Bull dog,ESL,Egg Plant, FNG,Crash, Lynda,Fried Rice, and Corn hole. According to Sacked going to my 8th year in November/December. Thank you F3 mother ship for starting this….