Date: July 16, 2022

Weather: 70 degrees, 91% humidity

PAX: Bootcampers (15) – Haz Mat, Pacer, Stretch, Windmill (War Daddy), Build-A-Bear, Flamingo, Ozone, Muggsy, Ledecky (War Baby), Xerox, Sacked, Green Acres (former FNG Nick Vanderly), Daphne, Bones, Wojo (QIC); Runners (2) – 3 for 1, Ribeye; PAX for COT (2) – Sacked, Jitterbug; Ruckers (5) – Puddles, Flo, Kilowatt, 50cc, Tommy Boy

The Jaycee Park parking lot was full of F3 men this morning – some for the weekly Cornwallis’ Nightmare bootcamp, some for splinter Breakfast Ruck, two for a splinter run and a couple just for the COT. Yes, indeed, the #Mothership was happening today!

At 7 am sharp YHC welcomed the group, especially our FNG (Daphe’s nephew) Nick from New York. Kotters to Build-A-Bear for joining us at Xerox’ invitation. Glad to have both of you!

The mission of F3 was stated and I turned the floor over to Kilowatt prior to the ruck group breaking away (as they would not be back for COT). Kilowatt shared the brand new Gate City Ruck Club patch, which is available for $10. Proceeds go to F3 Greensboro’s Push-Ups for Playgrounds fundraising project (see attached picture).

With the all the pre-workout business complete, we began our respective workouts. The 15 Bootcampers moseyed with me to the church parking lot.


  • The Motivator – deconstructed SSH, starting at 8 reps over 4 movements, reducing to 1
  • Sun Gods X 10 IC (holding each at 10)
  • Chinooks X 10 IC (holding at 10)
  • Cherry Pickers X 10 IC (holding at 10)
  • Moroccan Nightclubs X 10 IC (recover)
  • Abe Vigoda Windmills X 10 IC
  • String Rippers X 10 IC
  • Mountain Climbers X 10 IC
  • Peter Parkers X 10 IC
  • Run Warm Ups between speed bumps: Run down (25% first time, 50% 2nd time), Carioca back

Mosey to the baseball field behind Lewis Rec Center

THANG – Field Day on the Baseball Field

Over the past 3 weeks (including the July 4 convergence), F3 Greensboro has been all over Country Park but as best I can tell it has been a while since we utilized the baseball field. So today we’re working in small teams across three stations for a get dirty & wet, field day beatdown. Can you say #snotwaggle?

Station 1: PAX Run the Bases

One PAX on the team runs the bases, stopping to perform prescribed exercise at each base, while the rest of the team is holding various planks, Al Gore’s, Air Chair, etc. Each PAX member takes a turn running the bases.

  • First Base – 5 burpees
  • Second Base – 10 Jump Squats
  • 3rd Base – 15 WWII Sit-Ups
  • Home Plate – 20 Plank Jacks

Exercise rotation for rest of team: 1) Plank, 2) Al Gore, 3) Table Plank, 4) People’s Chair, 5) Chilcutt Plank

Once the entire team has run the bases, they call ‘ROTATE’ and everyone moves to the next station

Station 2: The Magnificent 7 (okay, Miserable may be a better name)

7 cones spaced 10 yards apart, starting on left field line

  • 1st Out: Bear Crawl to the 1st cone – 1 merkin at cone; Continue Bear Crawling to each of the next cones and increase your merkins – i.e., 2nd cone – 2 merkins; 3rd cone, 3 merkins, etc.  Up to 7.   AMRAP LBC’s on the 6 so the team stays together
  • 1st Back: Lunge between cones, Squats at the cones (same pattern)
    AMRAP LBC’s for the 6
  • 2nd Out: Crawl Bear between cones, Carolina Dry Dock’s at the cones (same pattern)
  • 2nd Back: Broad jump (preferably) or Bunny Hop (if need be) between cones, Burpees at the cones (same pattern)
  • Final task (no one got to this today): A round of 7 suicides, out and back to each cone; touch the ground at each cone with hand, touch fence on return

Station 3: F3 Deck of Death

Using the official F3 Workout Playing Cards, the team take turns drawing a card from the deck and performing the prescribed exercises, with each PAX member calling cadence, etc. Repeato until ‘Rotate’ is called

  • Rep Instructions: Card # + 10 reps, Face cards 25 reps, Aces 100 reps
  • Sprint instructions: 100m – run to 1st cone & back; 200m – 2nd cone & back; 300m – LCF light pole & back; 400m – run field perimeter

Each team rotated through each station once. I called ‘OMAHA’ 7:47 and brought the PAX together behind second base for some early Mary:

  • Low Dollies X 10 IC
  • Superman X 5 with 5 second hold for each rep
  • Freddy Mercury X 10 IC

Recovery Mosey back to shovel flag the long way from field around the rec center using the road (just to get a little more distance)

  • Final Mary Exercise at Shovel Flag – American Hammer X 10 IC


Announcements & Moleskin:

  • 2022 Camp Hike Trip is next Friday – Sunday, July 22-24. Still time to register if you want to join.
  • July 30 – Convergence for F3 GSO Northern Alliance launch. More details to come!
  • August 12 – F3 Greensboro Golf Tournament – 4 spots left so get your team entered now!
  • Coffeeteria after the workout at Brueggers on Battleground Ave.
  • No Q listed for Cornwallis’ Nightmare next week – Muggsy is out of town and w/ Camp Hike trip, he may decide to close the AO. Reach out to him if you want to Q.
  • Good to see so many dudes out today – 20 were present at 7 am and we had 4 others join for COT. I can say with no hesitation that the bootcampers ALL worked hard. And we would have had 3 perfect teams of 5 if Snookie had stayed with his group! (there’s always at least one….)
  • All pushed throughout a tough 3 rotations working up a great combination of dew, dirt and sweat! I saw good and necessary modifications – good job of listening to your bodies while not quitting or shorting reps. The workout was supposed to be hard. Hope all enjoyed the variety!
  • TClaps to former FNG Green Acres for joining us today and to Daphne for bringing him out. Hope to see you again soon! Enjoy the rest of your weekend in #Natville.
  • Welcome Back Kotters to Build-A-Bear and to Xerox for getting you out today.
  • Appreciated the cross team mumblechatter between Xerox and Snookie (like that was surprising). I also heard each team encouraging each other during the Run the Bases station.
  • Special thanks to Sacked for joining us at the end of the THANG and Mary after Qing Cougar Town (#MeowMeow) this morning and to Jitterbug for joining COT after getting finishing his shift at the firehouse.
  • Good runs 3 for 1 and Ribeye. Thanks for joining COT.
  • The young dudes were the bootcamp fast holes today – Build-A-Bear, Ledecky, Green Acres, and Bones looked to be leading the way on their respective teams.
  • Pacer! Thanks for coming out for your first bootcamp in a while. Kotters to you, too, brother!
  • Did you all realize that all current and former F3 Greensboro Nantans were present at some point this morning between 7 and 8 am? Yep, that’s the Mothership for you!!
  • Please keep those prayer requests and other COT offerings close over the coming days. Thanks to the PAX for sharing!

Always an honor to Q, especially at the #Mothership. Have a great weekend!