AO Wakanda (Dudley High School)


PAX: Square, FloJo, Saban, Akron, John Coctostan, Nomex, Byrider (Q)

I arrived a half hour early to set up and ensure our “route” was clear. I have to admit the camping tent next to the track, six shade tents and the fellow setting up a table full of running items had me worried. Our track event may have some competition. We lucked out and the event was later in the morning. 6:55 rolls around…..only one other PAX member (JC)
This crew makes Cottontail’s normal arrival seem early.

7 sharp we started out. Mission and tailored disclosure…..

warmorama while square finished getting dressed. SSH, rippers, wind mills and some stretching.


4 Laps

Start at bottom of bleachers up one row and down the next (up,down,up over in front of press box, down,up,down) Mosey out to track and around to back straightaway.

Each lap you complete a different movement for 100m

1. Bear Crawl

2. Crawl Bear

3. Lung walk

4. Run Backwards

……..pick up the six (over two miles covered)

Akron asked every track walker we encountered what their distance goal was for today

We were cheered on by a man running sprints (why didn’t we EH him) I blame oxygen deprivation.

FloJo crawls faster than most


Superset of Homer and Marge/Flutter kicks/low Dolly


Camping trip next week

Akron on Q Monday at Colfax (Serious offer of fuel card to several PAX in attendance)

Bo Derrick coming up….ask Slummy (it’ll only cost you 15 minutes)

YHC took us out


Honored to lead