Tommy Boy, STP, Akron, Don’t Cha Know, Stretch, John Cocktoston, Phoenix


Eight guys Hobbled & Gobbled throughout the K&W/Friendly parking deck and the Devil’s Rectum Stairwell. One day the stairwell will be free of trash, scurvy, show props from The Stranger Things, mumps, ghosts and stank but it wasn’t today. After the disclaimer about coal miner’s black lung warning to PAX moseyed and then did warm-o-rama.

10 Merkins
15 Sun Gods, both directions
15 Squats
15 Imperial Walkers
Hammy Leg Stretch

The Thang

With coupons ruckers made their way to the P1 level of the parking deck and did multiple stations of work with and without rucks and coupons to only head up the steps and come back down and add more reps and rinse and repeat. Looked like this:


Station 1
10 Thrusters. Add 5 each lap. Head to Station 2

Station 2
15 Merkins with ruck on or off. Add 5 each lap. Leave ruck and coupon or take with and then RUN to station 3.

Station 3 (located at the same place as Station 2)
15 LBCs ruck off. Add 5 each lap. Grab ruck and coupon and then head upstairs to ruck all the around back down to level P1 and rinse and repeat with added reps.

1 American Hammer IC

• Some PAX heading to the Appalachian Trail this weekend, keep them in your thoughts.
• Some PAX running the Fun Fourth 5K, keep them in your thoughts.
• Shovel Flag hand-off at Wakanda this Saturday, City Slicker to be the recipient.
• Convergence Monday at Country Park, 7am, Tommy Boy on the Q. Discussion with coffee to follow about the Northern Alliance region.
• Hats off to STP for bringing figs for everyone!!