PAX:  Jayhawk, Blowout, Battle Axe, DQ, Bodie, Matlock, Good Hands, Amicus, and Amicus 2.0 FNG – Smaug!


String Rippers, Hillbillies, Wind Mills -Snooki Style-, Mosey around the perimeter of the parking lot.


BLIMPS x Lucky 7, 6, 5,4,3,2,1

Pax is to start at upper end of Parking lot on the car parking lines and at each line do one set.  Ex.  Burpees, 7>move to next line, 6, next line 5 etc. and progress down the parking lot.  Then Lunges, then Imperial Walkers, etc.  Some of the pax completed 2 rounds (Matlock, Bodie and Good Hands)  Nice work!

After each type of exercise pax member is to run to opposite side of parking lot at curb, do one Turkish Get up, run back and start next exercise.


LBC’s, Flutter Kicks, American Hammers -Let Freedom Ring!

Announcements: Amicus father in law is recovering from a heart attack but is doing much better, prayers appreciated.  YHC going backpacking July 1-3, w STP, Big Poppy, Hallpass and Patch.

Names Amicus daughter -FNG

DQ took us out w a prayer!  Aye!