Morning of June 18 several of us gathered to exercise. Some splintered off, a fee remained. We started with the mission, pledge of Allegiance and a short mosey with a coupon.

At the parking lot here is how it all went: sun Gods, Chinooks, sevens and something like speed skaters.

Then the fun began, asending testicles, wall sits, step ups, then we did a ring of fire and for fun, like kids, leap frog.  Mugzy had to get low. Then some tunnel of love but no love given. Just us dudes, no FIA PARTICIPATING.

THEN WE tried something new, using picnic tables step ups, dips, bench presses and leg presses. To finish it off we did some lunges, backward running, karoke and bear crawls.

I asked Mugzy and Butt fumble to wrap it up with box cutter, homer and Marge ( show started about 30 years ago this week!)

Thanks, always an honor to Q. Love the chatter even from Xerox… Lol

Snooki on Q, Mugzy, Sacked, Sir Issac, Stretch, Butt Fumble, dont you know, I am 66+ sorry if i forgot someone. It always fun to Q. Read Man in the Arena by Teddy Roosevelt. No, I was born about 56 years after my favorite POTUS died.