It was a good morning to run with the Stampede and we had a good turn out!

PAX:  Grafiti, Nancy, Big Sky, Scooby Doo, Hard to Get, Hermes, Refi, Gilligan, Snakes on a Plane, Wilma, Jitterbug -Q

Warm O: Stretching exercises, Rippers, Wind Mills, Hi Jack Hi Jill, Lunges

Thang:  Key instucts for sugar rays to pick up the 6 every 1/4 mile or so, I think Refi and Wilma pulled most of the weight here, Good Job guys!

Main thing is to keep everyone -mostly- together.

Headed out from Lindley Park and went E toward town, R on Elam Ave, to Walker, slight pause at Lindley Filling Station area, to gather the flock, then W on Walker to Linden took a R to Berkshire R up the hill to summit then pause for 2 10 sec countdowns, then continue to Camden -left turn-, to Northridge -left- to Linden, -R- to Market -L- under Wendover, Left at the Park entrance and back to the flag.  3.5 miles


on your Six!  LBC’s, on your feet, left foot over right stretch, touch your toes, then right foot over left, stretch, another stretching exercise was done, then finished with American Hammers.  Let Freedom Ring!

Announcements: Jaberwocky coming up June 18.

COT:  Prayers for a number of Pax members.  Drifter’s been on the IR, also pray for his mom.  Grafiti took us out w a prayer.