I was glad to be back in the badlands of East Colfax to serve up a heaping helping of “get better” to the famously faithful of the F3 Nation. The theme was “Be Excellent in the Mundane”


The Q handed out cinderblocks and ordered the pax to find a parking space as their Station A.


50 In Cadence Side Straddle Hops


Perform 20 reps for each exercise. Bear Crawl/Gorilla Walk/Squat Walk Toy Soldier between the stations.

STATION A: block work

  1. Clean & Press (SC)
  2. Squat Stance Elf on the Shelf (SC)
  3. Kettlebell Swings (SC)
  4. Tricep Press off the Curb [body destroyer position head first away from the curb w/ shoulders locked on the curb, the pax perform a tricep press] (SC)
  5. Runner’s Stretch Up & Overs with the Cinder Block (IC: Left & Right = 1 rep)
  6. Bent-Over Row L-Press [perform a bent-over row then press the cinder block straight out, like an upside-down L] (row and press = 1 rep)

STATION B: Curb & Benchwork

  1. Turk & Curpee [Roll back into a c[b]urpee] (SC)
  2. Pendulum Arm Swing [hold a flat plank position while performing alternating lateral arm raises side to side] (IC: Left & Right = 1 rep)
  3. Bridge off Curb Lateral Leg Raises & One Leg Bridge Pendulum Swing (IC: Left & Right = 1 rep)
  4. Chillcut Side Plank Hip Dips (SC)
  5. Decline Diamond Merkings (SC)


Homer Marge/Rosalita Variations



Jabberwock CSAUP on 6/18 at 7 am or earlier @ Jesse Wharton Elementary


Byrider, Pitino, Cottontail, Hoosier & Slumlord as the QIC.