YHC saw that the Q slot was empty for F3’s premier Friday AO and he stepped up. Upon arrival, eyes rolled as the news was revealed that YHC was leading. Right off, a Pax protested too much telling the Q “it better not be another Nightmare on Elm St. Q”. Unfortunately for some, you get what you asked for. The Q took the Nightmare W.O.D. and applied it to the Spiral of Death otherwise known as the Marriot parking garage. It was a nightmare on Elm St. again for some, and a third time for a few. Despite the reservations, these Dream Warriors (thank you Dokken) showed up and showed out.


A mosey to the Spiral.

The Thang

10 Burpees on the ground floor and each floor thereafter. Pax were instructed to run all the way up and down the Spiral stopping at each floor to perform 10 burpees OYO. It was a rinse and repeat for the sugar rays.

On the return mosey to the Flag, the Q conducted a few pit stops for more burpees, crab cakes, and a nice lunge walk.


Homer Marge with variations

Slo-Mo Freddy Mercuries

American Hammer


There is a couples night happening at Grace Community Church on 6/3/22. The Jabberwocky is scheduled for 6/18/22. I forgot the last announcement.


Flo Jo, Akron, Tesla, Ozone, Thermanator, Butt Fumble, Hair Net, Saban, City Slicker, Silicone,  Cavity, and Slumlord as the QIC.


Special props to Thermanator for an uncompromising effort and t-claps to Hair Net for his top-shelf performance. All got better together. No man was left behind. No man was left where we found him.