AO:  Local Honey

The idea for this workout came from a variation of my 1st VQ. I grabbed most of the exercises and figured I’d go with the flow. A workout that continues without breaks giving a constant movement. 4 stations with 3 exercises per station with drills between – a simple workout with much sweat! At 5:32 AM, I welcomed everyone, proclaimed the F3 Mission, and lead the PAX to the Elm Street parking deck for the Warm-a-Rama.

Warm-a-Rama:  Started at the bottom of the Elm Street parking deck – Sun-Gods x10 & Windmills x10 then lead the PAX up 7 flights of stairs 2 raise body temperature and warm muscles. Once on the seventh floor continued with  String Rippers x10, Hug Thyself x10, Running Stretch (while in plank position), Mtn. Climbers x10, Side Lunge Stretches x2 (right and left side).

The Thang: The Q had everyone stay together and stated there are four stations with various exercises; at least three rounds of work before ending in an OMAHA. The Q explained in the 1st Round the 1st exercises will be done in all stations following the prompts between each station. 2nd Round will be done once back at the 1st station again but only doing the 2nd exercises in all 4 stations. And finally, the 3rd Round will be done once back at the 1st station completing all the 3rd exercises in all 4 stations. The Q lead the PAX in all 3 Rounds. The workout started with the Q-initiating a music selection!

Round #1                      Round #2                                       Round #3

-Station #1:   Low Dolly’s x50          Monkey Humpers x10         Lunges x40 – Buttkick 2 next Station

-Station #2:   Burpees x10                 Mtn. Climbers x50               Lt. Dan’s x40 – Skip 2 next Station

-Station#3:    Squats x40                   Merkins x50                          X’s & O’s x10 – High Knees 2 next Station

-Station#4:    Plank Jacksx10           LBC’sx40                                SSH’s x50 – Sprint 2 next Station

After completing the 3rd Round Q called an audible and did all stations again doing all exercises but only at half reps. Q called “OMAHA!” then lead PAX back down the parking deck to the shovel flag for 6MOM.

6MOM: Heels-2-Heaven x20, then Q asked each PAX member for their favorite Mary exercise. LBC’s x20, Alternate E2K stretch x2 each side, Freddie Mercuries x20, Superman Snow Angels x20, and American Hammers x1

Name-O-Rama: Bobby Knight, Blummer, Poehler, Cavity, and FloJo on the QIC  

COT: Announcements – plenty of 2nd F opportunities/Prayer led by FloJo.

We came, we worked, we conquered! I appreciate the opportunity to lead.