After Memorial Day’s events, it was good to stretch the legs at Fenceline with some bros.


SSH’s, Squats, Lunges, Carolina Dry Docks, Hand Release Merkins, Press Press Fling, Hi Jack Hi Jills


Starting at the flag we ran to Dellwood where we did 20 squats, -I lead- , moseyed to Cornwallis, 20 Carolina Dry Docks, – Pity led-, mosey to Hamilton, 20 Lunges, -Hallpass led-, mosey to school parking lot entrance on Hamilton, 20 Hand release merkins, -Big Poppy led-, mosey to flag, and change running leader,

Continue around the block each time decreasing the exercises by 5 with each member leading one exercise at each corner., and changing the running leader each time around.  We got in aprox 2 miles, butned 324 cals, and had total ascent of 131′.


LBC’s, Flutter Kicks, Box Cutters, Cindy Crawfords, American Hammers

PAX was: Pity the Fool (AO-Q), Hallpass, Big Poppy, Jitterbug-Q

COT was sharing of prayer requests, primarily for Steely Dan, who’s brother recently passed unexpectedly.

Big Poppy led us out in prayer!  Well done Poppy!

Seize the day!