Warm day, 90degrees at the start, 5:45 PM Tuesday at the Blue Plate Special.  We meet at Leonard Recreation Center, 6324 Ballinger Rd, 27410.

It’s a great A/O with greenways, fields and lots of space, and we have permission to be there.  We were missing some regulars, but 8 faithful showed, and 1 spectator who just felt it was wise to sit this one out.

Whitewater posted on his own for the first time, Rabbit exclaimed that he needed a good work out, as he put the I in Memorial Day.

Regardless, Windmill had a plan, and if you know windmill, he is gonna work the plan.  Thankfully he let off a little as it was apparent he could have CRUSHED the PAX.

(Gloomers, getting out of the sack to work out in 70 degrees is really not that tuff, maybe at 18 degrees, but not at 70…)

Rabbit, Triple Lindy, Mr Hand, Short Bus, Whitewater, Expired, Damage Control (Stryker on the bench) and Windmill on the Q.

It was HOT, nobody out,  we had the place to ourselves… short mosey around the building until mercifully Windmill brought us to some shade,, for the warm-a rama:

  1. Windmill 15 – 10 squat Billy
  2. Sun God – Chinook 4 x 10 – 10 squat Billy
  3. Toy Soldier 15 – 10 squat Billy
  4. Imp Walker 15 – 10 squat Billy
  5. String Ripper 15 – 10 squatBilly

Those squat Billies will get ya

Staying where we were, Windmill pointed to a tree 60 yards away:

Thang 1 – Three reps: Lucky 7 – run– 15 WW1 Situps – run back

Thang 2 – 2 Stations

Station 1: Plank (Core) Fest

Plank Jack – 30

Shoulder Tap – 15 IC

4×4 Plank – 5

Opposite heel touch – 15 IC

Dancing Bear – 15 IC

Pickle Pusher – 15 IC

Mtn Climber – 15 IC

Peter Parker – 15 IC



Station 2: Leg Fest

Lunge – 10 each leg

Wojo Squat – 20

Bobby Hurley – 20

Lt. Dan – 10

Star Jump -20

Copperhead Squat – 20

SSH – 20

Jump Squat – 20



Recover Plank Circle – 60s


Low Dolly – 15

Elbow to Knee – 2 x 10

Jack Knife – 10

Box Cutter – 15

American Hammer -25

He put it to us, like I said, he could have crushed had he wished, fortunately it put us in the Danger zone but kept was from full tilt.  Thanks for leading.

Mr Hand on the Q next week!   2 F well attended.