Five Pax showed up at the Bench for a beatdown of epic proportions. The workout design reflected the cycle of grief one goes through after experiencing loss. After the tragic events in Texas, I thought it fitting to set the number of reps at 21. Akron did the same thing early this week, and it felt like the right thing to do, as we all pray for the families and process the event.


The Q recited the F3 Introduction and the Pax picked out their favorite stones for the beatdown.


Sun gods on the way to the stone pile.

The Thang (Two stations were established at the top and bottom of the Fire Lane hill.)

Station A at the top of the Hill

Thrusters for 21 reps

Carrying their stone, each Pax could Rifle Carry, Shoulder Carry, Goblet Carry, or some variation thereof, to Station B.

Station B at the bottom of the Hill


  1. Regular
  2. Ranger
  3. Alternating X-Men Merkin *21 reps for each side
  4. SEAL
  5. Diamond
  6. Archer (a one-arm push-up with the inactive arm extended out to the side) *21 reps for each side
  7. Crescent (this movement is like a push-up with a Cobra pose finish)
  8. Bruce Lee (push-up off your fingertips)
  9. Chuck Norris (push-up off your knuckles)
  10. 5-Count


Windshield Wipers

Crunchy Frogs

American Hammer

C.O.T. & N.A.R.

Attending Pax included All Blacks, JR, Cottontail, Pity the Fool & Slumlord as the QIC.


A special shoutout goes to Pity the Fool. Every element of the workout symbolized an aspect of the grieving process. The Thrusters symbolized having to lift the weight of our sadness. The stone carries symbolized the time to process our sadness and anger. The carrying variations demonstrated that we carry our weights differently. The merkins symbolized identifying how our minds and hearts process the same moments differently each time we approach the source of loss.

Pity the Fool picked a small stone and expressed he should have picked a bigger stone. About halfway through the workout, he saw a couple of the Pax wearing down during the Thrusters, and he offered to trade, not once, but twice. It may not seem like much, however, it really captured just how much we need each other to bear each other’s burdens. We cannot go it alone. #IronSharpenIron