5-24-22  Leonard Recreation Center

6324 Ballinger Rd, Greensboro, NC 27410

It’s a fine A/O and consistently posts a dozen or so pax.  We have plenty of room and parking.  Fields, greenways, and a school campus nearby if you want some quiet space.

Check us out Tuesdays 5:45 PM. Perfect way to unwind from work and still be home for supper.

Stryker was on the Q, his day job is to keep planes safe and he is the site Q for the D A I S C H, confidence was high he was going to nail this one.  Earlier he had texted:

“Bring your big boy muscles today. Gonna be a beat down.”

Pax rambles in:  Expired, Rabbit, Damage Control, Wind Mill, Mudflap, Bodett, Redline, Mr Hand, Apollo, Short Bus, Steinbrenner, FNG Swisher Sweets and Stryker on the Q.

FNG Barry rolls in hot, he ran from his CASA, so the disclaimer was read in full and off we went to the Warm-a- Rama which was the usual exercises with plenty of stretching and neck roles and hip thingy’s.   More running to Guilford Elementary School for the Thang:

3 stations set up in the parking lot.

Station 1, 15 reps.  Complete 1 set go to next station.  Merkins, Carolina Dry Docks, Wide Merkins, Diamonds.

Station 2, 20 reps, then a long run to station 3 where you had to go 100% speed for part of the time.  Bobby Hurley’s, Side Lunges, Sumo Squats, Monkey Humpers.

Station 3, 25 reps.  WW2 sit ups, Cindy Crawfords, Dying Cockroaches, Heel Touches.

Strong performance by all, the beatdown was in motion, some were bitching so that is a good thang.  Finally Apollo calls Omaha, quarter mile run back to the Flag for Mary:

Boxcutters, Hammers.

Time to name FNG.  Barry from Buffalo, UNCG Spartan, Family man, likes Cigars, hence “Swisher Sweets.”

Apollo brought up the Ulveda shooting that happened, somber reflection. Mr Hand a teacher, took us out.