Date: 5/23/2022

AO:  Latham Grinder

The idea of this workout is from my pastor’s sermon referencing Mark Chapter 6 specifically on the feeding of the five thousand with 5 loaves and 2 fish. Mainly, the 12 disciples had to feed the 5,000 and Jesus continued to bless the baskets of five loaves and 2 fish. The disciples took the baskets that were blessed to the groups of 50 & 100 emptying them then back to Jesus for God to bless the baskets again until all 5,000 were fed! We empty ourselves out every day and need to be filled again; mainly from a source bigger than ourselves – The Holy Trinity, a mentor, or even other men of F3. We have to continue this action time after time in order to accomplish our bigger sacrifice – doing life with others not alone while invigorating others! At 5:30 AM, I welcomed everyone, proclaimed the F3 Mission, and started the Warm-a-Rama at the shovel flag.

Warm-a-Rama:  Windmills x10, String Rippers x10, Sun-Gods x10, Shinoks x10, Reverse Sun-Gods x10, Hug Thyself x10, and a short Mosey around a portion of the parking lot back to the shovel flag.

The Thang: The Q had everyone count 1 through 4. Afterward, Q explained that there are four stations with various Arms, Legs, Abs, and Core exercises.  Q had everyone pair up with their matching number plus go to their destinated station (1-4). Partner one will begin the reps while partner two mosey’s to parallel curbside and back to the station picking up the remainder of reps. Each partner will continue the grind until the desired reps are accomplished.  After the exercise reps are complete, both partners will mosey around the portion of the parking lot shown earlier and proceed to the next station repeating the same grind but with the new exercise and reps. All PAX will only do the 1st set of exercises throughout 1-4 stations and once back where they began start the 2nd exercises and so forth until the stations are complete, Rinse and Repeat the beatdown until OMAHA!  The workout started with the Q initiating music selection!

-Station #1 ARMS x50: Merkins, Werkins, Ranger Merkins

-Station #2 LEGS x75: Squats, Lunges, Calf Raises

-Station#3 ABS x100: LBC’s, Low Dolly’s, Box Cutter’s

-Station #4 CORE x25: Burpees, Plank (until relieved), Makhtar N’ Diayes

Q had the PAX collect closer to the shovel flag after calling “OMAHA!”

Thang II: Ring of fire Merkins x23

MARY: Hip rotations, Spreading eagle stretch (arms out altering legs) x2, Crunchy Frog x15, American x15

Name-O-Rama: Sandpiper, Wilma, Humphrey Bogart, Blummer, Huggies, Birdsnest, A6, Don’tChaKnow (RESPECT), and FloJo on the Q  

COT: Announcements/Motivation led by FloJo

We came, we worked, we conquered! Me 2 We!! I appreciate the opportunity to lead.