Thursday May 19. Here we are 700 pm at the park for Closing time named by Apollo and I years ago. Start out with the pledge of Allegiance, then a slow mosey to the church parking lot.

Next sun Gods, chinooks, 7’s, box cutters,stretch legs, and onto the porch for some cards.

Spades,hearts,clubs and diamonds. Everyone turns a card and we collectively do the number noted plus an exercise. On paper piece of cake but …. It worked out ok.

Next Mary. Flutters,Freddy mercuries and American hammers. Request Rabbit friend going through a divorce. Tommy boy shared his wife has heart issues. Please keep these folks and other on your hearts.  TB brought up division and tragic recent events and he and all of us are sick of it. Prayers for the world.

Most of the Pax. May have missed someone SORRY. Red line,Poehler,TB,Rabbit,flat rate,mud flap,stryker,R2D2,Knuckles,wind mill,Mr. Hand,Gridlock,King,Slide rule,Expired,Dortman,Sky,Appolo,waterboy, Raptor,Four,Gerken with Snooki on the Q. Always a pleasure to lead. Thank you F3