For the final day of S3, I resurrected an old super set workout of mine. I did it solo a week ago just to make sure I could still get through it. Unfortunately, I could which meant I had to do it again this morning!

The PAX:

Radiator, Eggplant, Ketchup, Robin Hood, Ramses, Lynda, Big Poppy, Crash, Jayhawk, Amicus, Mall Cop – QIC


YHC was so excited to get started I nearly skipped the warm up:

  • SSS
  • Sun Gods
  • String Ripper
  • Windmills

The Tunes:

The Foo Fighters concert I was going to take my family to this Friday for my birthday had been cancelled due to Taylor Hawkins untimely death. I still wanted to get my fix of the Foo in so I brought a playlist of my favorite Foo Fighters deep cuts to help us power through it.

The Thang:

Super-sets were on the menu. Each super-set was composed of three exercises performed back to back.  A short rest was provided between each super-set.

Set 1 DB Clean x5

Push Press x5

Front Squat x5

Repeat 3x
Set 2 Crush Press x10

Bent Over Row x10

Reverse Lunge x10

Repeat 4x
Set 3 Single Arm Snatch x10

DB Get-Up Sit-Up x10

Renegade Row x10

2 sets, 1 per arm
Set 4 Alt Hammer Curl x10 ea.

DB 1-Arm Shoulder Press x10 ea.

DB Squat to Shoulder Press x10

Repeat 2x


We had some time so we did the people’s Mary. Each PAX suggested a workout as we went around the circle.


YHC remarked on the loss of Taylor Hawkins and what we could learn from it. Momento Mori!


  • Great work by all. The Get-Up Sit-Ups were very popular!
  • Great to see there is a solid crew doing EC runs before Sweat Angel again!